You’ve heard it a million times, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

While that’s up for debate, it’s certainly true that you’ve deprived yourself of any nutrition for at least 8 hours. So, what you eat in the morning should pack a nutritional punch and fill you up. These 10 quick and easy recipe ideas do just that while being incredibly tasty.  Many of these can be made ahead of time for a quick breakfast on the run. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

1. Maple Bacon DonutsPaleo and gluten free maple bacon donuts

Mmmmmm Donuts. Donuts have a special place in our culture. They can be pretty bad and loaded with bad stuff, but they can be a great breakfast on the go. Our chef created this Paleo version of a popular donut. Maple and bacon go so well together. Make a batch of these donuts then add a hard boiled egg and you have a great breakfast to enjoy on your commute to work.



2. Sweet Potato Biscuit Breakfast SandwichSweet potato biscuit breakfast sandwich

A perfect handheld breakfast for the mornings you need something to-go. Use your favorite grain-free biscuit recipe, our Chicken Breakfast Sausage and Pederson’s Natural Farms Sugar Free Bacon on-hand for a quick and easy breakfast on the go. Mix it up, have bacon one day and sausage the next. If you’re feeling really wild and crazy add a fried egg, Yum!




Gluten free paleo cinnamon rolls3. Cinnamon Rolls


The smell of Cinnamon Rolls baking in the morning brings up all kinds of warm memories. Our Paleo version is clean, with a little less guilt. Save it for special occasions like a brunch with friends. Serve it with some eggs and Pederson’s Sugar Free Bacon for a complete Paleo comfort food breakfast.



4. Plantain Cakes with Avocado and Baconplantain pancakes with avocado and bacon

“I feel best when I start my day with a balance of satiating protein, healthy fats and complex carbs. Lately I’ve been enjoying this combo of Paleo On the Go plantain cakes with avocado and bacon. I love that these pancakes have no sugar added, but the natural sweetness of the plantains ties together nicely with some savory bacon and avocado. Bonus points that it all took only 5 minutes to put together!” – Emily, from Solefire Wellness

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Sweet potato toast with strawberries5. Sweet Potato Toast

“The convenience of toast, but in a seriously ‘whole-food’ form. No flours, no mixing, just one ingredient ‘bread’ – made from sweet potato! Slice the Sweet Potato then pop it in the oven or toaster, add some delicious toppings, and you’re good to go.” – Emily, from Solefire Wellness

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Paleo cinnamon ungranola cereal from Bubba's Fine Foods6. Paleo “Cereal”

For those of us who didn’t grow up paleo (dare I say all of us?), we remember the convenience of being able to pour some cereal into a bowl, add some milk and call it a day. Now, breakfast usually is something more labor intensive, like frying up some eggs and bacon. Well, for those days you just need a quick bite to eat to fill up your stomach, look no further! Bubba’s UnGranola totally satisfies that cereal craving many of us still have. It contains no grains and is completely paleo. Just add the paleo milk of your choice and enjoy!



Paleo protein smoothie bowl

7. Protein Smoothie Bowl

There’s no way to start the day than with a protein fat combo that’s sure to get you going. This delicious looking bowl comes to us from Triple Peak Paleo. We found it on their Instagram profile.






8. Paleo Avocado “toast”Paleo avocado toast

Another great paleo breakfast idea from Triple Peak Paleo.  The amazingly delicious combination of poached eggs, crushed bacon bits and avocado. You should really follow her on Instagram. There are lots of great recipe ideas there!






Paleo breakfast tacos9. Breakfast Tacos

This delicious looking dish comes to us from Personally Paleo. Personally I think this would be good any time of day, but breakfast works! She used Paleo on the GO Tortillas, Eggs from Vital Farms, Taco Seasoning from Against All Grains, Bacon from Trader Joes and she topped it all off with Chipolte Lime Mayo from Primal Kitchen Foods. Looks really good to me!




 10. Paleo Granola BarsPaleo granola bars for breakfast

Granola bars are a great grab and go item to have on hand on those busy mornings when you are rushing out the door. This is a great basic recipe to have on hand that we got from Paleo Porn. But you can add your favorite Paleo friendly nuts and dried fruit to make it your own



Paleo breakfast is easier when it’s delivered to your doorstep. For convenience in the morning, check out a few other options from Paleo on the Go below.