Kettlebells are amazing for full body workouts! This awesome weight developed in Russia and is known to locals as a “Girya.” The Kettlebell’s center of mass is extended beyond the hand which makes it great for swinging unlike the traditional Dumbell weight. Movements with the Kettlebell help stabilize and strengthen the core and entire body. Check out these recommended Kettlebell workouts to improve mobility and strength. 

Recommended Exercise Routine: 3-5 sets

Turkish Get-Ups: 5 reps each side

Goblet Squat: 10-20 reps

Kettlebell Swing: 10-15 reps

Watch the full length video below to see how each movement is done:


These primal movement videos are truly unique even though they should be the pillars on which you build any exercise program. Change takes time.  Avoid injury, increase mobility and flexibility, and build core strength. Move like you did before you became a 21st Century human with jobs where you sit all day and lose so much of the natural movement you had as a kid. 

However, none of these benefits can be fully realized without the right food! In addition to any workout program you gravitate towards, you will need to eat real, unprocessed, anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense food to truly get amazing results. They aren’t independent. Sleep, nourishment from food, and exercise go hand and hand. 

Make time and make the effort to eat a paleo type of diet. There are great easy recipes available on our blog along with many others on the Internet. If you need help with getting great meals conveniently to your door-plate-mouth-tummy, we’ve got you covered with made from scratch, chef prepared, fully cooked paleo and AIP Paleo meals delivered nationwide, and all with Overnight shipping. Click here to get started. Oh yeah, and kick some a## at the gym!

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