Fall is my favorite season!  Walking in the crisp, cool air while crunching some of those pretty fall leaves that pepper the ground, and celebrating end of the year holidays with friends and family.  While all the celebrations are fun, the preparation that comes with each holiday can be quite a daunting task, especially if you have: little ones, either a large or small family, are hosting out of town guests, are traveling yourself, have food allergies or dietary requirements, or have to prepare for guests in a similar situation.  

We all fall into at least one of those categories at some point in time, right?!

This year, you don’t have to stress at all when you provide a complete, Paleo on the Go Thanksgiving meal to your family and friends in your own home or on the road.

Without further ado, here are our top 5 reasons to have Thanksgiving delivered to your door:

1.    Convenience:

When you think of the convenience factor, there’s no contest in having a complete meal delivered to your door.  Our Paleo and AIP Paleo compliant Thanksgiving meals are fully cooked. Simply spend a short amount of time heating all of the components, then serve. Drumroll….. This year’s full spread includes:

Paleo Thanksgiving Meal Delivery

2.    Time

Many families spend much of their holiday time confined to their kitchens to provide a wholesome, elaborate meal to their Thanksgiving guests.  What if that didn’t have to be your fate this year?  You could truly enjoy your precious time off work.  You wouldn’t have to spend hours out shopping or slaving away in the kitchen to prepare everything “just so”.  Instead, spend your time with family and friends playing games, catching up, and enjoy your meal with ease, the time’s on us!


3.     Money

This time of year, money is always a hot topic. Gift-giving opportunities are right around the corner, not to mention the sales!  You work hard for your money and we respect that so we’ve gone above and beyond to provide you with 4 generous servings of 6 different items to provide you with a value that won’t be beat!


4.     Food Quality/Sourcing Ingredients

All of the items in our Paleo Thanksgiving dinner are made from scratch using no gluten, grains, soy, legumes, preservatives, or dairy.  We’ve done the sourcing for you to provide quality ingredients you can feel good about serving, no matter who joins you for your meal.  As always, every ingredient has been carefully selected to promote the health of the POTG team, and you and your family.  The turkeys provided in your Thanksgiving dinners are specially sourced from the Fields of Athenry Farm in Northern Virginia. Their turkeys are hormone and antibiotic-free, only fed non-GMO feed without soy or corn, and are free range out on the pastures without a cage in sight.  This means you can uphold your lifestyle and dietary preferences even through the holidays. 


5.     Food Allergies/Lifestyle

Whether you are paleo yourself or you are looking out for a family member or friend, you can feel confident serving your Paleo on the Go Thanksgiving meal to everyone, kids and adults alike!  Wouldn’t it be great to make everyone feel included this year without making them answer the barrage of questions about why they are choosing to eat a certain way?  Our meals are full of the good stuff so you can answer confidently if anyone asks if there are any hidden sources of “junk”. There’s no junk, just real food, safe for everyone.


6.     Cleanup:

Just for fun, we added a 6th point, because we like to go above and beyond! Cleanup?!….no!!! When you order your pre-made Paleo Thanksgiving from us, the cleanup is so minimal you can get back to doing what you love best whether it’s watching your favorite holiday TV show, serving others in your community, or waiting in long lines to score your Black Friday deal! 

8460455_mIf that didn’t convince you, check out this picture…


In all seriousness, whether you love to cook or not, have a great and safe holiday season. If you’d like to order, CLICK HERE