There are a ton of excuses for why people don’t stay committed to a paleo lifestyle.  We’ve heard them all, “My family isn’t paleo,” “It’s not convenient for me as a parent,” or “It’s too much work.”  Our answer to this is that if you want it bad enough you will commit.  However, there are a few things you can do to ease your transition and commit to a paleo lifestyle. 

How To Start the Paleo Diet?

We believe these 6 things are critical to having success with the paleo diet:
1. COLD TURKEY – throw everything away in your house and start over. Most people cannot handle temptation.
2. Find tools to make life easy – the slow cooker, a secondary freezer, a dehydrator. Small investments up front save tons long term.
3. Plan/prepare –  Stock up the freezer and pantry with common items that are easy to prepare.  This way you’ll have an option when you forget to plan, don’t defrost something, or are too tired to be creative and cook.
4. Keep it simple – every meal is a protein, a veg and a fat. That’s it. Every time. Don’t over complicate it. You do not have to recreate past favorites ever, don’t look for fancy recipes that are knock offs of old sad versions of things you used to be addicted too, don’t eat a ton of paleo “treats” reserve those for holidays only.
5. SLEEP, drink water, move/play, and meditate every day.
6. Know your farmers – get out an meet every butcher, farmers, small grocer, produce stand owner, etc in your area. Create an arsenal of people that make your life easier and better. Stay OUT of grocery store franchises entirely.
The key to success is finding what works for you. If you’re looking for something convenient you can always order from us.  At Paleo on the Go, we have meal plans, variety packs and a number of paleo snacks to make it easier.