AIP/Paleo Slim Mint Cookie – Trio of Deliciousness

Have you tried our new AIP Slim Mint Cookie? If you haven’t already you really should. It is reminiscent of that cookie that mom’s and dad’s sell for their scouting daughters. We think you will like it so much that we wanted to show you different ways to serve it.

AIP/Paleo Slim Mint Cookie Crumble Granola

I love granola, there I said it. Unfortunately like a lot of people my gut doesn’t appreciate it as much. This recipe is really good, though there is one drawback to it. You will have to refrain from eating all the cookies so that you can make this granola. Maybe you should get two boxes cookies, you know, to be sure you have enough to make granola with.

AIP Slim Mint Cookie Fruit Salad

This is such a pretty dish, and tasty too! It shows just how versatile our new AIP Slim Mint Cookie is. This dish makes a great snack or dessert. If you are the type of person who prefers a simple recipe, just toss all your cut fruit in a bowl then crumble the cookies over the top. Be sure to check out the original post!

Chocolate (Carob) Mousse with AIP Slim Mint Cookie

Chocolate Mousse is a super creamy chocolatey assault on your tastebuds. But this isn’t chocolate, it’s Carob! But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t any less delicious. This is an AIP decadent treat for the senses. Yes you can eat it knowing that it is safe and clean, made with wholesome real ingredients.