Dave Rohde of Paleo on the Go

Dave Rohde, CEO of Paleo on the Go holds one of his companies most popular dishes, butternut squash lasagna.

It’s always nice to talk to our customers and last month I heard an amazing story from Diane. She is one of our top customers and orders POTG food on a very regular basis. In fact, it was the only food she was eating for months due to being too sick to even cook for herself. 

Helping people by offering a convenient solution to eat the same types of food that helped change my life, was a huge motivation for starting Paleo on the Go in 2012.  As a small business owner, I spend my days working long hours on all the details that keep the business running.  When I receive emails like the testimonial below,  it reminds me of why I work so hard and put my heart and soul into Paleo on the Go.

Paleo on the Go Testimonial

“Thank you Dave Rohde and Paleo On The Go for cooking for me while I am unable to do it! I began the Autoimmune Protocol mid-March by (using the Auto-delivery option) and it started a journey I never expected.  I have lost over 40 lbs. and my blood work has improved (making my Drs. very happy!) all that despite my inability to exercise.  The possibility or being a normal size (instead of morbidly obese) is now very real to me, and maybe in as little as one year!  After decades of being morbidly obese!   All because I decided to take a chance and see if the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) would do anything for me.  My level of Hope has greatly increased while I wait for remission of symptoms!

My weight is lower than it was over 10 years ago before I got sick (when I was working, taking classes, and in general, going non-stop from 5:30am-midnight.)  Decades ago, to lose weight I was eating almost vegetarian (lots of whole-grains, legumes, etc.) and exercising heavily at least 3 days a week.  After pain from an auto accident sidelined me and the weight came back on, I decided that something was wrong if it was that hard and I quit trying to lose weight.  

This has been one of the EASIEST things I have ever done!  I made the decision that I needed to give my body every opportunity (and time) to heal. Nutrient dense foods play a large role in that plan.  I ordered the food from POTG. With help from family, I cleaned the foods out of my kitchen that are not AIP-friendly.  I heat and enjoy the food.   It has been that easy!  God has been gracious to me.  (Since I am relatively housebound due to fatigue, I don’t have as many outside temptations as someone else might encounter.)  I had already been eating lower carb because of its effect on my body, so I only had minimal carb cravings once when I ran out of my vitamin-mineral supplement.  I really enjoy the food.  The portions sizes are good.  There are very few items I don’t care for (liver!), and many of the menu items are favorites!  

On the Auto Immune Protocol (AIP), you are supposed to wait until your symptoms are in remission before trying to reintroduce foods – I got tired of waiting and after a few months began food challenges. What a learning experience! I found that, for me, often the only symptom of a problem with a food is that I will gain up to 3 lbs. the day I eat it (inflammation!).  Also, after the weight goes up, it takes a few days for it to return to where it was before the jump. If I attempt to add another questionable item back before it drops, it can jump again, and may take over a week to drop back to the previous low.   So, although the weight loss has slowed down, the education has been priceless!  (and being able to add a few foods back has given me patience to wait to reintroduce other foods)

To paraphrase one of my doctors, the money I’m spending on the food is an investment that WILL pay dividends in the future.  Many people spend more money on things that yield far less benefit.

Again, Thank you Dave Rohde for sharing your experience and wisdom, and for providing the next step of my journey toward health by offering the nutrient-dense foods our bodies need on your website!   Thank you, Karen Rylander, for sharing your wonderful culinary skills with the rest of us and for your kind responses to my questions and comments!  And Thank you to everyone at Paleo On The Go for making this possible – I could not do this without you!”