Author: Chris McCormick

Paleo Superfood Ice Cream with Lucuma Powder

Superfood Ice Cream? A match made in heaven! Paleo Superfood Ice cream with Lucuma Powder is a nutritious snack everyone will enjoy. Lucuma is a sub-tropical fruit considered a superfood because of its nutritional qualities. It’s mainly grown in South American countries where it has widely used since the days of the Inca’s. Many following a Paleo lifestyle have added it to their diets because of its dense nutritional values, one of which is promoting cardiovascular health. Superfood Ice Cream with Lucuma Powder for Flavor and Nutrition Lucuma is often used to flavor deserts which is why we made ice cream. Everyone loves...

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Paleo Crème Brûlée

The ultimate in comfort food? Crème brûlée is considered by some to be the ultimate in comfort food. Rich and creamy custard with a crunchy caramelized sugar topping, it’s incredibly satisfying! The infamous Chef Ann has made a paleo version with coconut cream and it is every bit as tasty as any crème brûlée recipe out there. The best part is that it is Paleo and contains no refined sugar or dairy! Paleo Creme Brulee 2016-10-13 19:35:51 Write a review Save Recipe Print Ingredients 4 cups coconut cream, skimmed from the top of the can 2 tsp vanilla extract...

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