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Three Paleo Mexican Inspired Desserts

Three Paleo Mexican Inspired Desserts Most people don’t know what we are celebrating on Cinco de Mayo. It’s mainly a reason to eat Mexican food, drink margaritas and celebrate Mexican culture. Did you know the date marks the unlikely victory of the Mexican Army over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862? In honor of the date we are offering some Mexican favorites, paleo style. Let us know what you think!   Mexican Chocolate Fondue Do you like Mexican hot chocolate? I love it, but associate it with winter and holidays. That is until the...

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Paleo AIP Carob “Granola” Trail Mix

What’s the Deal With Trail Mix and the AIP? Granola is traditionally a food used in trail mix, that you can’t eat while following an AIP diet. To be honest, it’s a convenient snack food. That’s why we asked our executive chef to come up with something AIP’ers could also take with them. It was important to make sure our customers didn’t feel like they were missing out. So, she made it extra delicious. We’ve taken POTG’s newest AIP cookie, the Carob Delight Slim Mint Cookie and created a new “granola” or trail mix. It’s great to grab and go as...

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Paleo AIP Carob Delight Fruit Salad- Paleo on the Go

Just when you think there’s not much to a cookie. You just take it out of the package and eat right? What could I possibly do with an autoimmune protocol cookie other than gobble it up? Here’s just one of the many ways you can use POTG’s newest AIP dessert treat!  Paleo AIP Carob Delight Fruit Salad Isn’t this a beautiful dish? It shows how incredibly versatile and delicious our Carob Delight Slim Mint Cookie can be. You could throw this together for afternoon tea with friends. Better yet, treat yourself! Sit back, put your feet up and relax with...

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Paleo AIP Mint Chocolate Mousse

What is Carob? Ceratonia siliqua is more commonly known as the Carob Tree. Carob is actually in the Pea family, growing pods that contain the carob seed. Once the pods are dried the carob seeds are ground into powder which is then used as a chocolate replacement.  But just because it isn’t real chocolate doesn’t mean that it isn’t rich and delicious. I think one of the most decadent desserts is Chocolate Mousse, so rich and creamy it’s a chocolate lovers dream. From the Creators of the Carob Delight Slim Mint Cookie… Our Carob Delight Slim Mint Cookie is made...

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Paleo Margarita Bars

Paleo Margarita Bars Wikipedia tells us that a “dessert bar” has the texture of a firm cake but is softer than a cookie. In any case, you prepare them in a pan then cut into squares or rectangles. They are a staple at bake sales, but are also growing in popularity in coffee houses. Of course, our chef has created a twist on the Lemon Bar with our Paleo Margarita Bars. For those following a paleo lifestyle the best part is that it is made of real food and no preservatives. You will impress your friends when they try these tasty treats.  Paleo...

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