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Love Chinese Take Out? Try our Paleo Take Out – Shrimp Lo Mein

Do you crave Chinese take-out? I sure do, I love the flavors and all the vegetables. Sometimes it is difficult to drive past the fast food place named after a certain bear, that place is a guilty pleasure of mine. Unfortunately, it might not be the best choice if you are on a restricted diet. What exactly is ‘Lo Mein’? Traditionally “Lo Mein” refers to a soft wheat noodle, but for this recipe we are using gluten-free sweet potato starch noodles. This recipe calls for shrimp but you can use whatever meat you prefer. If using shrimp, be sure...

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Hey Mom What’s for Breakfast? Easy Paleo Oatmeal!

Mom, What’s for Breakfast? Paleo Oatmeal! I used to love eating oatmeal for breakfast. I’d load it up with whatever fruit I had on hand, usually blueberries and banana. When the chef said she was going to make Paleo Oatmeal, I was skeptical. However, it actually ended up tasting like a delicious cross between oatmeal and french toast. This dish comes together quickly making it a great option for you and the kids (if you have them) to have a hot, nutritious grain-free breakfast in the morning. Give this recipe a try and let us know what you think....

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Paleo Lunchbox: Your Kids will Love Our Paleo Cheeseburger Soup!

Paleo Cheeseburger Soup I used to consider cheeseburgers to be a superfood. Here me out; they are a complete meal in one edible package. But alas, unless you are using whole, real food ingredients they may not be the best choice. That’s where this recipe comes in. Cheeseburger Soup on Facebook Live Did you happen to see the Facebook broadcast where Chef Ann made Cheeseburger Soup? It is super tasty and you can’t even tell that it is dairy free! Coconut milk and nutritional yeast give this soup the creamy cheesy flavors you’d expect in a ‘cheeseburger’ soup. The...

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Spicy Chicken Stuffed Baked Avocado – Paleo on the Go

Spicy Chicken Stuffed Baked Avocado Sometimes cravings for Mexican food grab ahold of me and wont let go, I must indulge. I know many of you can relate! Our chef came up with this recipe for those times when you need a little south of the border flavor in your life. I would never have thought to add butternut squash to this dish but it adds a tremendous amount of flavor and makes the yield greater. The recipe is simple and can be put together quickly for lunch on the go. Or, pair it with a nice salad for...

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Three Great Ways to use No Sugar Smoked Kielbasa

Did you know that Pederson’s Whole30 Approved Uncured No Sugar Smoked Kielbasa is humanely raised containing no antibiotics, growth stimulants and is fed no animal by-products. The kielbasa is “Minimally processed, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no added nitrates or nitrites, no gluten, no lactose, no MSG, and no added sweeteners“. Like I said, stock up so you have it in the freezer for those times you need something savory and delicious. Recently our chef came up with some great new recipes using Smoked Kielbasa. Two great recipes that would make nice appetizers and one tasty entrĂ©e. follow the...

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