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Bacon Egg & Cheese Soufflé

Have you ever tried to make a soufflé? The root meaning of the word “soufflé” means “to breathe” or “to puff”. They tend to be a little on the delicate side and will start to deflate in just a few minutes after baking. So you must serve them quickly so your guests can ooh and ahh at your culinary prowess. Then sit back and enjoy the light and airy dish, perfect for brunch with friends.   Bacon Egg & Cheese Soufflé Bacon Egg & Cheese Soufflé 2017-07-13 14:10:29 Serves 3 Write a review Save Recipe Print Total Time 30...

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Paleo Sweet & Smoky Kielbasa Bites

Remember those little cocktail sausages in that sauce made with grape jelly? Well this one is a Paleo version. The original dish was a potluck standard back in the day. Super simple, you could throw this together quickly for guests who drop by. But you would need to have some No Sugar Smoked Kielbasa on hand to come off as the perfect hostess. Better yet, make them for yourself! Make a nice salad to served alongside and you’ve got a great hearty Paleo meal. Pederson’s Whole30 Approved Uncured No Sugar Smoked Kielbasa is humanely raised containing no antibiotics, growth...

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Savory Paleo Kielbasa with Cabbage

What can you serve for dinner when you don’t have a lot of time but want something delicious? Kielbasa and cabbage! This is a great dish I would definitely classify as comfort food. Pederson’s No Sugar Smoked Kielbasa is a great item to keep on hand for those times you need some deliciousness in your life but don’t have a lot of time. It thaws quickly and is oh so versatile, great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. As mentioned this dish is very simple. How can you go wrong with onions, garlic, cabbage and kielbasa? The best part is...

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Paleo Breakfast on the Go, Sausage Egg Muffin Cups

I love these sausage cups. Super easy to make and just as versatile. If you’d like, put diced vegetables in the cup before you put the egg in! This would a be a great hot breakfast for busy moms and dads to make. You could prep the night before, make your sausage cups and add whatever else you want, cover and refrigerate overnight. Then, when you get up in the morning, crack an egg into each “cup” then bake. Our Sausage Egg Muffin Cups area a nutritious breakfast on the go for the entire family.   Sausage Egg Muffin Cups...

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Paleo Shakshuka (Israeli Eggs)

I enjoy exploring cuisines from different cultures around the world. It can expose us to so many new flavors and spices. History tells us that Shakshuka originated in Tunisia and quickly spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It is traditionally cooked in a cast iron pan or Tajine and is often served with a nice crusty bread for sopping up the juices in the pan. The word “Shakshuka” means “A mixture”. Different countries have added items to the mixture making it their own. Basically poached eggs, this is a delicious way to change up your breakfast routine....

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