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Real Food Paleo Baked Churros

Real Food Baked Paleo Churros Churros are traditionally a fried cinnamon covered dough with different versions popular in many countries around the world. It is essentially a long, thin donut (yummmm.) The churro is believed to have been brought to the West from China by sailors returning home to Portugal. This pastry made its way into Spain where they began piping the traditional star-shaped tubes we know today. As you know, the conventional pastry is made with gluten so we asked our chef to create a clean, real food version of this tasty treat. These Baked Paleo Churros are best served...

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What You Do Today Affects Your Great Great Children Genes

Will Our Grandchildren be Affected by our Current Gene Expression  Genes. It’s one of those things you just have to accept since we can’t change it. Right?  Not exactly. With a fairly new field of study called ‘epigenetics,’ researchers are starting to realize that our lifestyle and behavior have as much of an effect (if not more) than the genes we are born with. Furthermore, we aren’t the only one’s that will feel the effects of how we live treat our body. Our children and even great grand children will be affected by our current gene expression.  Should Your Great Grandchildren Care If...

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AIP Paleo Cinnamon Crisps

When tasking our executive chef with coming up with exciting new ways to use our tortillas, no one really expected to see what I call a chip similar to the famous Stacy’s Pita Chip I used to love so much. What I really didn’t expect was to get a new favorite movie snack from her recipes. These Paleo AIP Cinnamon Crisps are the perfect snack.  Paleo AIP Cinnamon Crisps are Fun for the Entire Family! Want to make a delicious treat using our Paleo AIP Tortillas? How about a crispy, clean, cinnamon sugar coated snack the whole family will love?...

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Five Great Everything Bagel Sandwiches

The Yiddish Kitchen’s Everything Bagel The Original Paleo Bagel If you haven’t tried the Yiddish Kitchen’s Everything Bagel and you miss bread, it’s time to place your order. This bagel is a great breakfast or snack alternative. Most people wouldn’t really expect to have the bagel as an entree but Paleo on the Go is here to break most expectations. We’ve created not one, but five ways to enjoy our ready made Yiddish Kitchen’s Everything Bagel “meal style.” Save time and hassle by letting us make the bagel for you then just add to it. Be sure to let...

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Five Paleo/AIP Smoothies – Paleo on the Go

Five Paleo/AIP Smoothies Summertime and the living is easy, fish are jumping and the smoothies are fine! Ok, getting a little carried away. But, here are five great smoothies to try this spring and summer. These are clean, fresh, and full of flavor. We think you will be making these all the time! Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe? Let us know! Kale/Matcha Smoothie  Need a boost in the afternoon? Forget those energy drinks filled with ingredients you cant pronounce. Make this delicious smoothie instead! Matcha is made from Green Tea and is known to promote a calming energy. Kale...

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