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Calling All BBQ Fans!

Hey Paleo peeps! It’s not 4th of July without BBQ! I had the opportunity to try a couple of BBQ sauces and hot wing sauces recently and picked some winners to share with you just in time for Independence Day celebrations. First up, Tessemae’s All Natural Hot Wing Sauce. Tessemae’s has got it all: a sweet backstory as American as apple pie, organic and simply clean ingredients, visually striking wax-sealed bottles, and most importantly, 100% delectable flavor. Not to mention, they are this year’s top young company as voted by The founders of Tessemae’s, Matthew, Brian and Greg Vetter (all...

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Training like a Champ when on the Road

Just as with food (check out the last post in this series) training on vacation or on the road doesn’t have to be a grade-A bummer. Instead, it should be something that enriches your travel and it is a great opportunity to move with the people you love, or to get as far away from your coworkers as possible – depending on the genre of your trip…For me personally, movement when traveling is my life-line to sanity. We’ve all heard of “hangry,” well I get “traingry!” This lady has got to move or intense grumpiness inevitably ensues. Don’t fear:...

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5 Tricks to Eating Paleo on the Road

Travel can sometimes feel like the kiss of death to clean eating. Half of the time I feel like it runs on break-up rules: it takes half as long for you to recover from your love affair with afternoon cocktails, perfectly baked sourdough, and ice cream than you were on your trip. One night binger – you’re good in about 12 hours; extend that baby out a week, and you could be looking at 3-4 days till the old digestion is working smoothly again. Is this the curse of clean eating?! Yes. No. And it totally depends… As humans...

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Maddie Berky’s Maca Super Bites Recipe

Once again, Maddie Berky from Paleo Girl In The City stopped by to share her recipe for super bites as a perfect pre-workout snack if you ask us!  She also includes a somewhat unique ingredient that you may not be familiar with so check this one out, try it soon, and comment to let us know how you like it! I am on a constant nutritional quest for two things: 1) what to eat before a workout, and 2) how to sneak super foods into my diet. 2B) How to sneak liver into my diet, but that is another...

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Find a Place to Fail…Whole Body Workout

I am a huge proponent for the gym being an n = 1 case study for just about everything. What you do in that space establishes a platform for what you do outside of those doors. It teaches you how to succeed; it teaches you how to respond to adversity; but perhaps most importantly, it teaches you how to fail. It is absolutely crucial to find some area of your life in which you can fall on your butt in order to figure out exactly how you pick yourself back up again. In my case at least: welcome to...

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