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Hitting the “Trifecta”: Chef Rocco Antonelli Talks Paleo Diet

Chef Rocco Antonelli and the Paleo Diet Over the 30 years I’ve been cooking professionally, time in the kitchen has taught me one very important lesson – to make the very best food products, you have to start with the very best ingredients. Similarly, if you want to look, feel, and perform at your very best, you must feed your body accordingly. These days, I start with what I now know are the very best ingredients; simple, honest, fresh foods, free from chemicals, additives, and preservatives. I source organic produce whenever possible and use only the best beef, pork,...

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Make Sure To Maintain Your Paleo Diet on Vacation!

Eating healthy and following the Paleo diet may be the newest craze to sweep the health conscious population, but it’s really the oldest way of eating known to mankind. In a nutshell, you eat what our prehistoric ancestors ate: meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs, and nuts/seeds. In this modern world of over-processed food, sticking to the Paleo way of eating can be a challenge and even more so while on vacation, but is extremely beneficial in keeping your energy high and your body functioning well while traveling.   Eating Paleo Style While Traveling: The best way to stay Paleo...

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Brownies, Cupcakes, Paleo Treats, Oh My!

  Paleo Treats?  Aren’t you so excited when you come across a “Paleo” treat recipe on the web? Your thoughts… “Hey, this Paleo thing might not be so bad after all!” You’ve found replacements for breads, muffins, cakes, cookies, waffles, pancakes, even candy! But wait a minute, what about that whole “caveman” thing?  You know the one where you are supposed to essentially jump start your Paleo diet with only whole foods like our ancestors ate.  Foods that help your body restore healthy, nutritional eating. The list of foods to eat while starting the Paleo diet include things like...

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21 Day Sugar Detox – Apple Cinnamon Donuts!

Who doesn’t love a donut?  I mean, really?  We LOVE them and have tried several paleo donut recipes.  One of our absolute favorites is Primal Kitchen’s chocolate ganache donuts but when we are in the middle of a sugar detox or just want something a little less sweet but without a loss of flavor we turn to the Apple Cinnamon Donuts from Diane SanFilippo’s The 21-Day Sugar Detox book.  First of all, if you don’t have her book, it is a MUST!  It is full of not only great information but wonderful recipes that we’ve tested many of and...

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Get Fiber from Real, Whole Foods

The Paleo Diet is Naturally High in Fiber If you’ve been following the Paleo diet and lifestyle for any length of time and have shared your changes with friends or family members, you’ve probably been asked this question, “well then where do you get your fiber if you don’t eat any grains?!” People are astonished when they hear of a diet without the inclusion of all of those “heart-healthy whole grains” and further, many dietitians believe the Paleo diet unnecessarily excludes beneficial foods from the agrarian revolution. So what is the answer? Where does the fiber come from in...

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