Author: Kristi Brown

Helping Your Gluten-Free Child Cope

It is one thing to be gluten free as the adult, or the parent, but when your kid has to be gluten-free, it is a whole new ballgame. You worry about how they are going to feel about it, how are they going to go to birthday parties or handle school events or just have a play date with friends? How are you helping them cope? Helping Your Gluten-Free Child Cope Here are my top tips to help your gluten free kid cope: Have a professional tell your child they need to be gluten-free. Sometimes we as parents want...

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The 411 on All Natural Sunscreens – Paleo on the Go

We just had 90-degree days and I am nowhere near a place that should be having 90 degree days right now. Ready or not, it is time to get the sunscreens out. We are all told to slather ourselves with loads of sunscreen every two hours to prevent getting burned and ultimately to prevent skin cancer. But more and more information is coming out indicating that many sunscreens aren’t exactly safe and might even be doing more harm than good. Did you know that most sunscreen options on the market use chemical filters as the active ingredient to block the sun’s...

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Real Food Vs. Medicine

“Let Food be Thy Medicine, and Medicine be Thy Food.” -Hippocrates When I was 16 I began having chronic hip pain. Over the years I’ve been told it’s half a dozen different things and I’ve had x-rays, MRI’s, chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, different types of medicine and more to try and resolve it. One day, one of those physical therapists handed me a bottle of fish oil and said, “Try this.” I was a little taken aback, “fish oil?” I had zero expectations. Nothing else had done much for me, what could a little bottle of fish...

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Choose Natural Sweetener’s This Valentine’s Day

What’s a Natural Sweetener and How Can I Choose Those For Valentine’s Day Sugar. Sugar leaves many of us with incredible highs and lows in our energy and our moods. We know sugar is as addictive as cocaine, impacts our waist line far more than any saturated fat, fuels inflammation in the body, feeds cancer, messes with our moods and our hormones and ultimately isn’t worth it. Today as we are becoming more aware of how inflammatory sugar is, there are more and more alternatives. Unfortunately, many of them are just chemical concoctions no one should be eating. Before...

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4 Fall Veggies You Should Be Eating

When we think of fall and produce, we typically think of apples, pears and squashes but there are so many additional options that are powerhouses in their own right. Below are four nutrient-dense veggies to add to your paleo diet this Fall. Nutrient Dense Seasonal Fall Vegetables  Beets Some say they taste like dirt, others refer to them as ‘earthy’. Either way, these root vegetables provide a powerhouse of nutrition. Beets have a unique antioxidant profile not found in many other vegetables. The red color is due to the antioxidant betalain and when coupled with manganese and vitamin C this...

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