Author: Mike Ritter

Cracking the Keto Code

DUDE: “Dude, I’m on this new diet and I feel amazing. You should definitely try it.” ME: “You think so? I was thinking about trying the keto diet” DUDE: “I tried the keto thing already and I felt awful. It doesn’t work.” ME: “What do you mean it didn’t work? You mean you didn’t get any results from it?” DUDE: “Oh yeah I got lean but after like two months I felt like crap. There’s just no way you can get enough antioxidants by eating all that meat and fat and with no vegetables.” ME: “Wait, hold on…you didn’t...

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Choosing the Right Groceries Can Help Regenerate the Earth

  Your Role In Regenerating the Earth You can help sustain the business of people who regenerate her grasslands, bolster her soils, and nurture her animals. Using the most innovative sustainable practice, these farmers grow food that tastes so good, it makes your eyes roll back in your head. This endeavor is way more impactful than any flow control faucet. You will impact your own health as well. These very people, farmers who practice truly organic sustainable agriculture, transcend the imaginary boundaries which modern evangelistic diet tribes have created in the last century. Today is a day where we...

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