Author: Doug Rohde

What’s the Difference Between Pasteurized Products and Pasture Raised Meats?

What is Pasteurization:  Pasteurized products are products that have been heat treated to kill of bacteria. The thought is that all harmful pathogens are killed off, making the product safer for consumption. However, this process also kills off beneficial bacteria. There is actually an interesting history behind pasteurization. It all sprang about from Louis Pasteur and his germ theories. Pasteur researched information on the germ theory of disease and did everything in his power to get his name on it, going so far as to claim that he actually “discovered” germs. This set the stage for pasteurization and modern...

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Dave Talks Paleo on the Go with Nico De Haan

Dave Rohde, owner and CEO of Paleo on the Go, sat down with Nico De Haan of Living A Primal Lifestyle today to talk about the company. Nico is an accomplished athlete, author, certified trainer and owner of Performance Training inc. Personal Training Studio, and host of “Living A Primal Lifestyle” on TFNN ( which is broadcast on radio stations nationally and worldwide on the internet. You can check Nico out at Living a Primal Lifestyle Watch it here, and check out some of Nico’s other shows afterwards. Do you have any questions about Living a Primal Lifestyle? Are...

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How to Have Healthy Holidays!

How to Have Healthy Holidays This Year Are you frustrated with all the extra treats and bad choices and want to have a healthy holidays season? Halloween begins the busy season of eating, drinking and over-consuming food that is otherwise best eaten in moderation. It goes on straight through the end of the year. At which time we make resolutions to get back on track to a healthier lifestyle. There are ways to get through this time of year and stay on track with your healthy living goals. On this weeks FAQ Friday, Valerie weighs in on how to have a...

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Is Dairy Allowed on the Paleo Diet?

A common question for those on the paleo diet is whether dairy is acceptable. It’s probably one of the more complicated answers, however. For example, gluten is an easy “no,” because of its high probability of gut-irritation and low levels of crucial nutrition. Dairy, on the other hand varies immensely in quality and forms. Ghee is made from dairy, but is naturally refined to remove the proteins that might be harmful, leaving a pure form of fat. It’s widely accepted in the paleo lifestyle. High quality varieties can arguably be a great source of nutrition for those who can...

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What’s Up with Whole Grains?

Whole grains have been praised for their health benefits such as high fiber and energy. The fact is, whole grains are not the health food we once thought they were. Here in our FAQ Friday video, we answer the question, “What’s up with Whole Grains?” What’s up with Whole Grains? There is a wealth of information available out there on the world wide web to read up on the dangers of grains in our diet. Don’t take our word for it, get the facts for yourself. It used to be that you never heard of people having gluten intolerances,...

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