Author: Sara Eye

Is It Necessary to Count Carbs on a Paleo Diet?

The Great Carbohydrate Debate When it comes to the carbohydrate debate, the questions are endless.  Should we limit carbs?  Increase carbs?  Time our carbs? Everyone is on one side of the fence or the other no matter what. The piece of advice I always give is, what kind of landscape do you want, and what is needed to treat that landscape?  Then you’ll know which side of the fence you choose. See, it’s like this.  We need carbs, but we don’t.  Sometimes! Well, it depends.  And that’s the truth!  So how do you know what you need?  Let’s start by bringing...

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A Checklist for Reducing Exposure to Toxins

What are toxins? Toxins are naturally occurring poisons that can make you sick.  They can be found in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.  They are often found in the fabrics of our clothes, furniture and carpets.  Toxins are found in high numbers among our cleaning supplies, hygiene products, cookware and plastics.  We are exposed to toxins everyday and our exposure has increased a thousand times over since the early 20th century.  For instance, chemical runoff from factory farms and large industrial plants gets into our soil and water, and subsequently into...

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The purpose and benefits of morning routines will make or break your mojo for the day.  What you do every morning will predict how you will feel, which subsequently will predict how you perform.  Most of us get stuck in a routine and we are so married to it that we feel there’s no other choice or not enough time to do anything differently.  We have to shower, curl our hair, iron your pants, grab a quick breakfast, brew the coffee, sit in traffic and so on.  Now, if you have kids, it’s an even different story because you...

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5 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut

What is a leaky gut? Leaky gut is not exactly what the name may imply.  Some hear this term and get a visual of their guts leaking out of their bodies.  This does not mean diarrhea (though it can cause it in some cases) or the uncontrollable loss of intestinal fluids and fecal matter, as the name makes it sound.  Leaky gut is the condition in where your small intestine begins to form small tears and holes in its lining.  These holes and tears allow food particles, toxins and other harmful, undigested matter to slip through the protective layer...

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Paleo Treats: When Do We Cross the Line

The paleo diet is no doubt healthy for everyone, as you can’t argue that eating clean and balanced is somehow working against you.  The idea behind a paleo diet is to eliminate sugar, processed carbohydrates, gluten and for some, dairy and grains while also focusing on the quality.  What that does is naturally increase our nutrient intake by eating more organic produce and balancing our meals with protein and healthy fats.  The paleo diet also teaches us about nutrition, how to know what we’re putting in our bodies and that fuels us.  It’s a win-win all around! But what...

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