Author: Vanessa Green

Eat to Sleep Smarter (even if you’re a mom)

Many people have trouble going to sleep at a reasonable hour, wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, or consistently wake up too early. If you’re a mom, all of the above probably applies. Making sleep a priority is an important step to getting more sleep but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll get a restful eight hours. However, there are some things we can all do, especially eat, to get better sleep. Sleep is a hormone dependent process Balancing your stress levels during the daytime can help. With all the variables in our lives...

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Get the Basic-Foods Before the Super-Foods

Do We Really Need Super-foods? Do we need super foods? If your diet’s good, you should need nothing more to supplement your daily meals.If your diet’s good, no. You shouldn’t need anything more to supplement your daily meals. But with soil depletion, our use of additives and the prevalence of sugar, refined carbs and rancid veggie oils, no one can really say their diet has been perfect. And for those unwilling or unable to give up bad habits like caffeine, alcohol or smoking, a daily supply of superfoods is essential. Get the Basic-Foods Before the Super-Foods Research has shown...

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But I Still Need a Little Something Sweet

Most people’s sugar evolution goes something like this: promiscuous sugar usage as a child, artificial sweeteners in college, honey post college, then agave maybe stevia, now mostly none. Zilch. However if 30 years of low-no fat dieting has told us anything, removing entire food groups from your diet when you don’t know what you’re doing, is dangerous. Organ, hormonal and emotional dysfunction can all result from cutting out food that is vital to your body’s function. So should we be quitting sugar for good? Should We Eliminate Sugar Entirely? Most of us following Paleo whole food values are pretty...

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Paleo: What to Eat, Not What Not to Eat

Paleo: What to Eat, Not What Not to Eat For a long time we’ve been basing our diet decisions on what not to eat: don’t eat fat, don’t eat carbs, don’t eat sugar. We’ve tried eating a diet limited to cabbage soup, restricting calories by only eating grapefruits, prohibiting complex carbs and protein during the same meal, lowered or totally immured fat in everything, only choosing high protein but low carb, a specific ratio of carbs, fat, and protein or meals based on restrictive whole grains and veggies. We’ve excluded so many foods from our plates it’s no wonder...

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(Kid’s) Birthday Bash Without the Crash

What parent doesn’t want to make their child’s birthday a very special day, filled with all the fun and joy in the world? As parents, we feel the need to indulge our little ones with food they may not normally get, activities they may not normally participate in, and many, many presents at birthday time. But, what’s the ending result? Have you noticed your LO to be cranky, hard to deal with or even extremely hyper during this time? A lot of the highs and subsequent lows of the day are yours to choose, just like the food you decide serve. Spoiling...

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