Author: Vanessa Green

Longer Days Means Less Kitchen Time, But Not Less Health

Longer Days Means Less Kitchen Time, But Not Less Health Spring or the start of daylight savings time and longer days means less and less time in the kitchen. But that doesn’t have to mean the end of your healthy eating pledge! We tend to work longer hours and stay out later when our days get longer. Consequently we lean towards easy options such as take out or microwave foods. We let food product manufacturers drive our meal decisions rather than nutrition based research that is really what a healthy human body needs to eat. Thankfully, eating well is simple if you begin with how you value...

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Don’t Wear Your Insides Out – Paleo on the Go

You’ve heard the adage “you are what you eat.” This basically means our food is shaping us from the inside out. However, in most cases, it’s not for the better. The food we choose to eat is wearing us out, and our bodies are running out of backup supplies to help. When we eat too much of one thing and too little of another that we need, or choose not to add a variety to our diets, our bodies begin to lack the nutrients we need for proper digestion.   Too Little Micronutrients Conventional, organic, non-gmo, natural, gluten free, hydrogenated or trans fat free...

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Ways My Toddler is Teaching Me to Eat Well

Who wouldn’t want to give their kids the best nutritional start in life? It’s our job as parents to offer the best foods and their job as our kids to eat it (in most cases). Enjoying our toddlers own forays into food, is definitely a chance to set them up for healthy eating behaviors, and reset yours.  1. Don’t eat the same thing each day I’ll pretty much put anything into my mouth. I don’t really know what I like so keep trying me on different foods. Chances are I’ll like things you never imagined. ‘Explore food each season’, all...

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Encouraging Digestive Strength in Kids  

Increasingly, children are developing digestive problems that were once reserved for adults. The underlying cause of these problems including bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and even inflammatory bowel disease is often inappropriate eating habits. Digestion Digestion is how your body takes food and makes it usable in the form of energy and nutrients. In many healing modalities, it is believed that problems with digestion are at the heart of all other health conditions. If digestion is impaired, the food we eat will not be broken down and absorbed properly. Nutrition Nutrition is about what and how we teach our kids to eat....

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Goodbye Cheerios, Hello Tasty Snacks for Healthy Kids

As an Aussie in America, it seems American parents go to great lengths to make sure their kids are never hungry by giving them a never ending amount of snacks. By doing this, are we teaching our kids that constant eating is normal? I know that some people claim the healthiest way to eat is to eat often. But the jury is still out on this. There’s plenty of research that shows that eating frequently throughout the day reduces your chances of becoming overweight, however, there’s also plenty of research that counters this, too. The French, for instance, believe that...

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