Author: Vanessa Green

Boost Your Kids Immunity Naturally

Most of us can’t wait for the end of cold and flu season, and we’d be willing to do anything to boost our immune system after several colds or worse, the flu. If you’re a parent, you may feel like you live in a Petri dish at this point. Surprisingly, you and your kids can’t get sick just by being in contact with someone who is (although that certainly doesn’t help). Only a sick body can get sick, so if you keep you and the kiddos immunes system boosted you’ll have a much greater chance of dealing with the viruses and bacteria that you...

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Eating for More Than One is Not the Same as Eating for Two!

Intuitively, most moms know that what they eat will have a significant impact on their developing fetus. Researchers agree those 9 months of pregnancy are the most consequential months of our lives, permanently influencing the wiring of our brain and the functions of our heart and liver. Special preconception and pregnancy diets especially in traditional cultures have always emphasized eating foods that are particularly rich in certain nutrients known to promote healthy growth and development.  No mom wants to do anything that might risk the health of her future child. But when the information you get from well-meaning doctors and nutritionists isn’t up to...

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Why Vegetarian Isn’t Healthiest For Kids

Vegetarian Nutrition for Kids Is being vegetarian healthy for your kids? With all the food information out there on toxins in our foods, food processing, preservatives, coloring, high heating, packaging, low salt or low sugar, fat free or gluten free, no carbs, high proteins, surely diets based on plant based food are best right? Actually no. When we look at the science behind what our bodies need, a plant based diet couldn’t be worse for optimal nourishment, especially of a growing baby or child.  Despite arguments to the contrary, the fact remains that we humans are omnivores. We can eat- and...

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Why Are We Drawn To Foods That Harm Us?

Why Are We Drawn to Foods That Harm Us? You’ve probably heard that an elimination diet is one of the best ways to discover if you’re allergic or sensitive to certain foods. You simply stop eating those foods for about three weeks to three months before reintroducing them to decide if you’re going to eat them ever again. However, the notion that we might not know we’re allergic or sensitive to a food until we stop eating it sounds may be a little hard to fathom! Unfortunately, most of the things we love are often convenient – processed, packaged, throw together meals. The...

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Fresh vs Frozen: It’s All About the Nutrients

Fresh vs Frozen There’s so much focus on eating nutrient dense whole foods, staying away from processed and getting as close to nature as possible. So when it comes to the question if fresh or frozen produce is better for you, the answer for most people is simple: it’s fresh of course! Right? Picking veggies from your own garden is the optimal situation but this isn’t the case for most of the United States. As it stands, most of us don’t even get in the recommended daily intake of our vegetables. Typically we only eat one-third of what’s recommended...

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