Author: Vanessa Green

Baby-led Paleo

Fulfilling Your Role as a Parent Guilt-Free: It’s hard to fathom choosing anything other than the best foods for our babies; but then getting them to eat it is a story in itself! That’s precisely how we should see it; as two different things. Your job as a parent is to provide healthy food for your child. It’s not your job to make him eat it. I’m sure you’ll agree that if nothing else your baby knows when he’s hungry! We’re born with an innate ability to listen to our bodies. What if feeding your baby was as simple...

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Baby’s First Foods: Can You Really Afford Not to Choose Paleo?

Just as we use food as medicine in the adult world to help us heal, we can use it in the baby food world for perfectly developing bodies from the best ingredients. Unsurprisingly, it’s easily overlooked when your focus has shifted and time is of the essence. Convenience becomes even more of a priority than it has ever previously been in your life. However, nutrient dense food should be high on the priority list when it comes to your little ones and to ‘first do no harm’ should never be overlooked especially in a baby’s world. A baby grows...

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Is ‘Paleo’ the New ‘Organic’: Marketing, Labeling and Knowing What’s Really The Best Food For You

For too long, we’ve relied on being told what to eat. But the food we’ve been told to eat for health seems to be making us sicker – obesity, diabetes, cancer are more prevalent than ever; children are being born with these problems, not even given the chance to prevent them in the first place. There is so much confusion with the enormous amount of food information out there. We hear the words low fat, lean, diet, enriched, processed, natural, organic, allergy free, gluten free and now Paleo all associated with food. On top of that we work long hours and have no...

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Is it Safe to Raise a ‘Paleo’ Baby?

Do you think it is safe to raise a Paleo Baby? We know nutrients are key to proper development. It’s becoming more common to see women following a special diet during pregnancy, perhaps preconception too, but at the very least there’s an insistence on taking prenatal vitamins to avoid physical defects in our babies: think folic acid (B9), which is necessary for proper neural tube development to avoid spina bifida, and vitamin A has been shown in studies to be integral to eye development. It follows that babies too need a special diet, where we know they will get the nutrients key to their...

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