Result Cult Movement Video 115: Barefoot Running Explained  

Barefoot running isn’t just about being a hippie and connecting with the earth (although there is that too). It actually serves as an auto-correct for running gait. Just remember the two things you never want to be: a cigarette smoker AND a heel striker. Striking on the heel results in some nasty stress up the body; this type of running also gives automatic reinforcement for where you plant your foot so that you are aware and forced to strike mid-foot. 
Click here for Michelle’s latest video: Barefoot Running Explained.
barefoot running
barefoot running

Michelle Richards

  • MS Kinesiology from University of South Florida
  • BS Exercise Science from University of Tampa
  • StrongFirst SFG
  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist
  • FMS Assessment Specialist
  • NASM Corrective Specialist

Michelle Richards is the Co-Founder of the Result Cult, Personal Trainer at Harbour Island Athletic Club, a Crossfit Mobility Coach at Crossfit Tampa Bay, and creator of her blog: “The Movement Project.” Michelle has dedicated her life to the study of human movement. She provides professional help to those recovering from injuries and physical limitations. Her movement-based philosophy also results in enhanced athletic performance and healthy sustainable weight loss goals. In her free time Michelle enjoys playing with her dog Brooke, competing in Crossfit, playing slow pitch softball and paddle-boarding.