Do We Really Need Super-foods?

Do we need super foods? If your diet’s good, you should need nothing more to supplement your daily meals.If your diet’s good, no. You shouldn’t need anything more to supplement your daily meals. But with soil depletion, our use of additives and the prevalence of sugar, refined carbs and rancid veggie oils, no one can really say their diet has been perfect. And for those unwilling or unable to give up bad habits like caffeine, alcohol or smoking, a daily supply of superfoods is essential.

Get the Basic-Foods Before the Super-Foods

Research has shown that the ideal diet is one that is largely plant-based with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and healthy animal products. If you’re interested in eating a healthier diet upgrade to the most nutritious whole foods, not processed, and as close to the form that they were planted and grown in. Something you have to love about Paleo whole food principles is that these qualities are innate: it’s rich in nature’s superfoods!

Eat More Vegetables!

  • We could all do with adding more vegetables at every meal because most of us don’t get enough, especially dark leafy greens.
  • We’ve all pretty much been on low fat diet for the last 30 years, and and now it’s time to up your (healthy) fats slowly and optimize their digestion. We are what we eat: our bile is what our bodies use to emulsify fats but the best quality bile is made from the very fats it breaks down!

High Quality Proteins

  • Add in high quality animal or alternative protein, like nuts and seeds, and more as a side than the huge steaks we see. Even the Paleo lifestyle tends to over rely on almond butter and flour in cooking as we try to resolve our love for the bread and cakes we’re missing. As with fats, we need to encourage their optimal digestion. We’re also seeing an epidemic of low stomach acid in our culture. Good stomach acid is the key ingredient to protein digestion and assimilation of 90% of all our nutrients (and our health!).

Don’t Forget To Drink Water!

  • Don’t forget good quality water: we’re 70% water and we cannot store it. Sipping up to half your body weight in water (not tap) in ounces (or kg x 0.03 for liters) a day with a pinch of sea salt in each glass is a good start.

Slow Down and Enjoy!

  • Don’t forget to stop and enjoy your food, our forgotten macronutrient! Thinking about the delicious food to come, while cooking, shopping or ordering from a menu, triggers your body’s cephalic response. It helps your body to start releasing salivary and then stomach juices to prepare for optimal digestion and absorption well ahead of time.

Whole Food Principles

Get the basics first, through Paleo whole food principles, and you’ll keep your body balanced at just the right amount of enough for nature’s superfoods to give your body all the super powers you need.