Breathing Techniques to Help Your Sexy

Here’s a thought… life begins and ends with a single breath. That statement should give you some inclination into how important proper breathing is to your quality of life. Breathing effects your nervous system, circulatory system, immune system, digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system and your lymphatic system. It also effects your muscular structure and ligaments. 

So, how do you use breathing for optimal health and to increase your sexy? Answer: You learn how to breathe from your diaphragm. Breathing from your diaphragm not only helps all the systems listed above function normally it plays a role on your physical appearance. Breathing from the diaphragm reduces wrinkles due to improved circulation and blood oxygen flow. It also results in radiant skin at any age. 

These factors are all reasons why Michelle Richards from The Result Cult is teaching proper breathing in this week’s Primal Movement. Check out the easy self test you can do to be sure you’re breathing to achieve your sexy. 

Michelle Richards is the Co-Founder of the Result Cult, Personal Trainer at Harbour Island Athletic Club, a Crossfit Mobility Coach at Crossfit Tampa Bay, and creator of her blog: “The Movement Project.” Michelle has dedicated her life to the study of human movement. She provides professional help to those recovering from injuries and physical limitations. Her movement based philosophy also results in enhanced athletic performance and healthy sustainable weight loss goals.