Aren’t you so excited when you come across a “Paleo” treat recipe on the web? Your thoughts… “Hey, this Paleo thing might not be so bad after all!” You’ve found replacements for breads, muffins, cakes, cookies, waffles, pancakes, even candy! But wait a minute, what about that whole “caveman” thing?  You know the one where you are supposed to essentially jump start your Paleo diet with only whole foods like our ancestors ate.  Foods that help your body restore healthy, nutritional eating. The list of foods to eat while starting the Paleo diet include things like grassfed meats, wild-caught seafood, eggs, vegetables, some fruit, and fats from oils, nuts, and seeds. So, where did all of these “Paleo treats” come from that look so much like our modern day Standard American Diet (SAD) foods? 

paleo cjhocolate muffins

Paleo Treats!  When to indulge?

It’s natural after beginning any type of diet or lifestyle change to have moments where we might miss a certain food item or associate it with a certain holiday or event. Especially when family, friends and loved ones are indulging. Probably the main reason there’s a flood on the internet of Paleo treat recipes.  When considering a paleo treat consider it’s name.  They’re called treats because they should be considered as a treat. When eaten properly, treats should be treated as something special that is enjoyed on occasion but does not make up a significant percentage of our daily caloric intake. Many people are starting to lose focus of the Paleo lifestyle not seeing it as the “caveman” diet any more but as a way to eat “healthier alternatives” to their favorite everyday treats. Incorporation of these snacks can help make the transition to a Paleo lifestyle a little more attainable but remember how your body benefits from truly eating like a caveman. 

Learn your body first!

The Paleo lifestyle is largely about learning to become attuned to your body and what it needs.  By listening to your body and fueling it with REAL FOOD, as the Paleo lifestyle recommends, you will find that your desire for treats is much more about overcoming the mental addiction to them versus the need for them. 
Paleo treats are great in moderation!   However the best bet is to be prepared ahead of time with real foods and real snacks.   Do it this way and it’s guaranteed that you’re following the Paleo diet the way it was intended. 
 If you find yourself becoming aware of how your body operates and what it takes to feel your best, it’s not bad to treat it from time to time.  For pre-made paleo treats, check out our “snack” section!