Sugar-Poison-Chanhassen-Fitness-RevolutionThe 21 Day Sugar Detox is registered trademark program, by Diane Sanfilippo, author of Balanced Bites. The program itself follows a basic paleo template with certain specific additional restrictions to be used as a short term detox or for specific results. The author and owner of this program have chosen to have specific affiliations with exclusive  “preferred partners” that offer their business a financial relationship. There is no harm in this, it’s a business, and that’s an acceptable business practice.   That being said, Paleo on the Go can be a great addition to this program if you want the convenience of pre-made meals. We cannot and will not use their trademark affiliation inappropriately, but you can easily use the program guidelines to know which entrees, sides and snacks are applicable to the program you are using. We clearly label all of our ingredients to make decision making as simple as possible for you. 

The 21 Day Sugar Detox is available here

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There are three levels of this program, for us as a company whose foundation is paleo, our entire menu is more restrictive and/or “safe” for followers of levels one and two. Our new Sugar Detox menu has been designed to help followers of the Level 3 Detox by removing fruits and specific starchy carbs. 

You can find the menu classification here.

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The sugar detox is useful for those who have been following a paleo lifestyle but may have sunk into bad habits, become lax, or who notice themselves becoming dependent on paleo-ish treats, natural sweeteners or fruit. It’s a great way to kick-start yourself back into healthy habits, get your insulin response under control or break the addiction to sugar.