box jumpsIt’s that time of year again! The Crossfit Open begins. Crossfit was my gateway into the Paleo lifestyle almost six years ago. It changed my life and I’m forever grateful that I stumbled upon both Crossfit and the Paleo lifestyle. This will be my third time competing in Crossfit Open this week.  Wow! Seems I like this Crossfit thing a little bit. Last August was my 5-year Crossfit anniversary.

 This year is different though because I’ll be at my new gym in my new region, the Southeast. I’m what I call a “regular person-type crossfitter”, meaning I use it to stay in shape and have fun; but I’m in no way competitive with the amazing athletes out there. I am constantly blown away with how hard everyone trains and the gains in strength and agility are so impressive.

Now that the Open is here, it’s vital to take even better care of yourself, so you’re at your best, and can compete as hard as you can. Here’s what I’ll be doing to ensure I’m feeling energetic and ready to rumble:

  • Eat – make sure you’re on point with your recovery meals especially. Get in a full, balanced meal within an hour after working out.
  • Increase starchy carbs– throw in a little bit more of these carbs to give yourself some added energy. My current favorite are our Sage Sweet Potato Noodles and Roasted Root Veggies. Also check out this recipe for sweet potato fritters.
  • Drink plenty of water- got to hydrate!
  • Get good sleep- this helps balance your hormones and gives your body time to repair
  • Stretch it out- get that fascia released to speed up recovery
  • Push yourself – if you’re a regular person like me, this is The Games for you. Go hard and see how you stack up.
  • Wear fun socks, duh- have fun with the whole experience. It’s cool to be a part of this community and to see your friends also push themselves and see how all that hard work over the past year has paid off.