You’ve heard the adage “you are what you eat.” This basically means our food is shaping us from the inside out. However, in most cases, it’s not for the better. The food we choose to eat is wearing us out, and our bodies are running out of backup supplies to help. When we eat too much of one thing and too little of another that we need, or choose not to add a variety to our diets, our bodies begin to lack the nutrients we need for proper digestion.

Too Little Micronutrients

Conventional, organic, non-gmo, natural, gluten free, hydrogenated or trans fat free there’s too many terms to keep up with. Why? The natural order is gone and processed food has become the norm. Put simply, food should just be food but instead most of what we eat are food-like products. Eating has become a stress on our body. As more chemicals and preservatives are added it’s no wonder. Our body recognizes most chemicals as toxins. All stress (toxins we put in) summates in our body as stress no matter the source. But health is a choice, three times a day. We all can live healthier from the inside out by making the right choices.

Consume This To Help With Digestion

1. Organic produce and pastured animal products, as close to their natural diets as possible from local sources like a farmers market
2. Real foods properly prepared through traditional food practices. 
3. Steer clear of packaged and processed methods to help with the overall healing of our gut after years of damage. 

Too little Macronutrients

Sugar free, fat free, high protein, low or no fat, low or no carb? So many options, the answer is simply to just get each macronutrient at each meal. You’ll stop getting those sweet tooth cravings. The reason is because we need each macronutrient – proteins are our body’s building blocks, carbs our energy transporters and fats are the basics for hormones and more – but also because each macronutrient helps the other digest. 
Also, our brain is wired to seek difference. If we were foraging our food in the wild, we’d survive on being able to detect ripeness and sweetness in fruit or spoiled or potentially poisonous foods. Do you have your regular go tos? Shop for the same things each week?  Try a Paleo-on-the-Go meal with all three macronutrients so your plate is ready made and delivered. Plus, it saves on time.

Too little; Basics

Forget the superfoods or the power bars, the extra muscle protein shakes or vitamin fortified milk. There’s actually a lot to be said for ‘meat and three veggies’. Perhaps reversing the order so your meat is more of a side and you ‘fill up’ first on the fat soluble vitamins in your vegetables. Oh and don’t forget to eat these with healthy fats like pastured butter so you can get those ‘fat’ solubles!
– Most of us only eat 3-5 veggies. Don’t get stuck in the rut of eating the same things. Expand your horizons, try 5 new veggies for seven days and see how your cooking and your mood fare!

Too Much

How do you know you’ve had enough? Do you limit yourself to one portion, side plates and no dessert? A lot of us snack to get us through to the next meal which incidentally means our last meal wasn’t right in macronutrient portions. It takes about three hours for your body to finish digesting a meal. Do you ever give your body the rest it needs or just keep filling it up and giving it more work to do? Overeating and over snacking cost your body more in the long run than the food they give! You know yourself that over working leaves you tired no matter how much sleep you get. You’re body uses up all its stores to do what it normally does but continual use means continual using up. Something’s gotta give! 
– Eat meals with whole food paleo principals. Meals that are nutrient dense, have a good balance of fats and fat soluble vitamins, proteins and carbs. Avoiding potentially allergenic or sensitive foods which behave as toxins in the body like grains and dairy, is crucial to making life easy for your digestion. 
– A paleo meal delivery service can also be a great choice even if only for ‘cheat’ night to give yourself as well as your digestion a night off. Your digestive system really is one of the most important components of your health and happiness. Give it the rest and care it deserves.