Allergy Friendly Trick or Treating



tpp-flyerEvery year on October 31st children all over look forward to putting on costumes and going door to door trick or treating, collecting lots of candy. Therein lies the problem, how does your child enjoy the same experience as other children do yet still adhere to what keeps them healthy? Thats where the Teal Pumpkin Project comes in, it’s all about creating a “Safer, Happier Halloween”.

The project was started a few years ago and has quickly grown in popularity. The concept is fairly simple. With more and more children suffering from food allergies and AIP issues rather than offering just candy to the trick or treaters who knock on your door, offer a choice. Display a Teal Pumpkin on your porch signifying that you are offering a choice for children with food issues. Many stores are offering bags for sale of small toys, little containers of Playdoh or even colorful pencils. Check out the Teal Pumpkin Project on Facebook and take a look at their Idea page for more information on what you can do at your house this Halloween.

This year when you are out trick-or-treating with your children look for houses that have a Teal Pumpkin on their porch or are displaying a Teal Pumpkin sign, then you will know that house is offering a choice. This project is all about inclusion and not letting any little one feel left out on Halloween.

The Easiest Way to Teal a Pumpkin

We decided to make our own Teal Pumpkins. We like doing things the simple way. So, here’s what we think is the easiest way to Teal a Pumpkin.

A Step by Step Teal Pumpkin Guide

  1. Set up an area where you can spray paint without getting paint on stuff you don’t want to.
  2. Using masking tape, tape off the pumpkin’s stem
  3. Carefully spray your pumpkin according to manufacturers directions
  4. Let your Teal Pumpkin dry completely
  5. Remove masking tape
  6. Display your Teal Pumpkin on your doorstep

Check out our video “The Easiest Way to Teal a Pumpkin”