Wanted: Real Food Purists!

Here’s the truth: Paleo On The Go may not be for everyone (though they strive to be).


If you’re ready for the next evolution of real-food preparation and ready to partner with a company that understands you and cares about what you put in your body, we’re ready with inspired Paleo meals….


  • Made with ingredients of the highest quality
  • Prepared by a company that uses unheard-of, time-intensive processes
  • Offering superior quality, variety and taste—Paleo “fine dining”!
  • Handcrafted from scratch by extensively trained chefs
  • Fresh-frozen and delivered to your door
  • Made with NO skimping, NO shortcuts and NO compromises
  • Designed to heal and nurture your body
  • Ideal for autoimmune disorder sufferers (No preparation necessary!)
  • That fit your life—whether once a week or three times a day!

And yes, POTG’s price-point could be considered higher than some. However, POTG offers FAR more. Come see what we mean.


“The care and steps you guys take to produce these unique and delicious products took me by surprise. Your process is truly amazing.”  

  – Chef David Lani, Award-Winning Chef/Paleo On The Go Guest Chef                                                             (Unsolicited Endorsement)


Why is POTG the “Pinnacle of Paleo”?  


On-Site Rendering of Animal Fats

  • Meals of Paleo perfection start with quality cooking fats.
  • Factory-processed, heat-treated oils can cause inflammation in the body.
  • POTG’s cooking fats, created in lengthy, painstaking processes, fight inflammation, and lead to healthier hormones, hearts, organs, brains—even skin!
  • Our customers feel good from the inside out, thanks to our healthy ingredients.
Paleo on the Go executive team Dave Rohde and Marc Roark

POTG visits local farm to review farming practices before sourcing

Healthier Livestock = Healthier You

  • All POTG meat is pasture-raised on sustainable farms we have personally visited.
  • The un-caged animals roamed freely, socialized normally, and consume their natural diet—not one based on GMO soy and corn.
  • Not only is all that better for the environment, but happier, healthier animals =  better health for you!


Pesticide-Free Produce

  • All produce used in POTG meals is guaranteed to be pesticide-free.
  • For any produce typically treated with pesticides, we’ll buy organic.
  • You taste produce, not chemicals.  

Small-Batch, Nutrient-Dense Bone Broths

  • 48 hour grass fed beef bone broth

    Grass fed Beef Bone Broth

    Bone broths are powerful sources of quality protein, gelatin and minerals. Many cultures prized bone broths for their readily bio-available nutrients.

  • Cheap bone broths are easy to find, but their lower-quality ingredients—lacking in healthy fats, minerals and healing gelatin—means minimal nutrition and healing properties. Whatever you’re paying for them is too much!
  • POTG’s homemade small-batch bone broths are slow-cooked for 48 hours (longer cooking = more nutrients), using 100% organic vegetables and bones from grass-fed and pasture-raised animals.


Absolutely Gluten-Free

  • potg-gluten-free (1)Just a speck of gluten can trigger an allergic reaction in those with Celiac’s—and also with non-Celiac, gluten-sensitive people.
  • Many companies selling gluten-free meals cook in kitchens that also prepare many gluten-containing products.
  • At POTG, we simply don’t allow gluten—or other grains, dairy, or soy—in our kitchens. Zero risk =
    Total peace of mind


Paleo “Fine Dining”—in Variety & Taste

  • At POTG, it’s not enough to just make incredibly healthy food. We want the taste and variety of our meals to rival your favorite “splurge” restaurant.
  • POTG’s extensive menu features such mouth–watering favorites as:
    • Beef Short Ribs, stacked on Portabella
    • Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf With Cauliflower Mashers
    • Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
    • Butternut Squash Lasagna With Beef
    • Check out the Full Menu

Savory Apple and Cabbage Pork

Proudly Serving Autoimmune-Disorder Sufferers


Click here for our AIP Menu!

  • Paleo-Approach-Approved-BadgeMany autoimmune-disorder sufferers are often too sick to cook
  • POTG offers an incredible solution for you, the autoimmune sufferer, who not only loves the “no-prep” nature of our meals, but SO appreciates how good this food makes you feel.
  • Over 50% of our menu is dedicated to the autoimmune protocol


POTG Benefits Add Up

Paleo on the Go executive team Dave Rohde and Marc Roark

Paleo on the Go Executives Visit Three Suns Ranch

Imagine the time involved in locally sourcing all of your meat and produce, rendering your own fat, making all your own broths, and then preparing all your own meals—all to enjoy 100% real, unprocessed, life-giving food.
While it’d certainly be worth it, it would also be a full-time job—one POTG’s already done! We invite you to explore our products and find what works for your family and finances. Ready to make a long-term commitment to your health? Let Paleo On The Go be your partner!