Ever wonder why you are strong as an ox for a press but the second we make you unstable or take away one arm from the movement, you’re back in kindergarten? It’s all about stability. The actual position of your joint will dramatically effect your brains ability to control it. Concept: reposition and align joint, improve range, improve neurological input/ output.

Although your knees and low back may be the two most common areas in your body that can sustain an injury, your shoulder may be the most susceptible upper body joint to get injured.

And that’s because your shoulder joint is strongly influenced by the surrounding muscles, making it vulnerable to muscular imbalance.  This is why shoulder problems can come from bad posture, especially forward hunched posture which can shorten anterior shoulder muscles and over-stretch posterior shoulder muscles.  And it’s this muscular imbalance which causes you to lose flexibility, leading to chronic shoulder problems.  The good news is that you can reverse these problems or even prevent them altogether.  

Episode 114: Shoulder mob/stab work and talking about joint kinesthetic awareness 
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