Therapy for the spine= The Bretzel

Do you suffer from back pain? Most people do at some point or other in their life. The Result Cult is here with exercises that can help you with your pain. The Bretzel is the most therapeutic position for the spine that I know, however, many people do not qualify for the full Bretzel. Start with progression one and once that is no longer a challenge you can move on to progression two and finally the full Bretzel. Always listen to your body and most importantly listen and feel for your breath. If you are unable to maintain consistent breathing, you have gone past your limit. 

Posted by Result Cult on Tuesday, December 16, 2014



It’s all about the stretch! The more you stretch the better you will feel. The Bretzel is one of the most valuable stretches you can do for your Thoracic Spine. This stretch targets the Thoracic Spine but it benefits the entire body. Be sure to watch the video, maybe even see a trainer to be sure that you are doing it with proper form and technique. Better yet, if you are in the Tampa area, go see Michelle!