The ability to successfully perform a deep squat represents so much of one’s movement quality. No matter what assessment tool a trainer uses to measure movement, I guarantee there will always be a squat assessment…so you know the movement is very significant. 

Why? Squatting, for all practical purposes, is a complex movement that requires stability of the trunk and mobility of the extremities through constantly changing tension and position. It is also the natural human resting position. Go ahead and squat right now…is it restful? Do your toes, knees and hips remain in one line with your spine tall enough to be parallel to your shin? If this is not happening and the squat is rather uncomfortable for you then we have work to do. This video is a circuit to improve the squat but more importantly correct a lot of deficiencies this test just flagged red.



Posted by Result Cult on Tuesday, January 6, 2015

proper squat position