What does ‘fresh’ really mean?

Fresh food. It’s the golden standard we all strive to eat, right? Well, in the age of supermarkets and out-of-season produce trucked-in from far away being the norm, “fresh” has split into two different meanings. Fresh can either mean “straight out of the garden,” but more commonly fresh just means “not frozen.” 

And, “not frozen” does not mean it’s actually fresh. The produce found on supermarket shelves was often picked before ripeness, while sitting in trucks, on shelves, and even in your own refrigerator long before you end up consuming it.

Frozen vegetables can actually be fresher

Frozen food, on the other hand, is often frozen at a prime point of freshness. So, even if you don’t eat it right away, it will still retain the properties it had when before it was frozen without slowly rotting.

Check out this video on the science behind frozen food!