Originally from our “Ask Chef Ann” series, this recipe combines a juicy grass-fed steak, a classic french vinaigrette and fresh salad greens to create the ideal quick dinner. You’ve got high quality protein, fats, not to mention all the micronutrients from the lettuce.

Summer is right around the corner and this is the time of year when we are looking for lighter meals. We just don’t crave things like heavy stews when it’s 90 degrees outside. Additionally, it’s great to be able to give the stove and oven a break in the kitchen, which only heats up the rest of the house. The steak can be cooked outside on the grill which will help keep your home cool!



sauteed flank steak sliced flank steak



Grilled Steak Cobb Salad
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  1. 1/4t pepper
  2. 1/4t sea salt
  3. 2T coconut aminos
  4. 1t garlic
  5. 1/2lb baby greens
  6. 1 tomatoes
  7. 1 red onion
  8. 1lb grilled steak (flank is used in this recipe)
  9. 2 hard boiled eggs
  10. 1 avocado
For the steak
  1. Season steak with sea salt, pepper, coconut aminos garlic.
  2. Sear on grill until medium rare or 130 degrees internal temperature.
  3. Remove to rest before slicing.
  4. Slice tomatoes, onions, egg, avocado and arrange over baby greens.
  5. Slice steak thinly and place over greens.
For Vinaigrette
  1. Red wine vinegar
  2. Olive oil
  3. Dijon mustard
  4. In container mix oil, vinegar and mustard until emulsified. Drizzle dressing over salad.
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