Dealing with autoimmune diseases and the symptoms that come along with each disease can really limit your meal choices and build on an already frustrating situation. And while eating a Paleo diet from Paleo on the Go is not a cure for autoimmune diseases, several of our meals can help you enjoy the foods and flavors you crave, without the physical reactions you might endure otherwise. We have a great selection of meals to choose from, but first let’s dive into a little background on autoimmune diseases and the Paleo Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP).

What is Autoimmune Disease?

An autoimmune disease is one where, simply put, your own immune system mistakenly attacks your own healthy tissue as a foreign invader, thus creating many problems including, but not limited to: inflammation, fatigue, skin problems, hair loss, infertility, chronic constipation, thyroid problems, and a whole host of others among approximately 80 autoimmune diseases. Many times when presented with symptoms linked to autoimmune diseases your doctor will prescribe medication to alleviate symptoms and “treat” your illness; however, you are told that when the symptoms arise again to use the same steroid cream for rashes and keep taking those pills to manage your insulin resistance.

Wait, what? When they symptoms arise again? Well, doc, how do I get healed from these symptoms? What can I do within myself to prevent further discomforts and daily symptoms? Symptoms are your body’s natural way of defending itself and alerting you that something isn’t quite right. The medicines and creams doctors typically prescribe only mask those symptoms for a period of time until the body finds another way to either overcome the medicines or present the symptom in another location or method. This lifetime regimen of medications and creams isn’t the only option. The foods you are choosing to fuel your body may also be fueling your disease but you can learn how to eat a diet to support your body’s needs as well as which foods to seek out or avoid.

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne at has a new book coming out in October 2013 specifically addressing how to reverse autoimmune disease and heal your body.  Don’t just settle for creams and pills for the rest of your life to treat symptoms.  Truly listen to what your body is trying to tell you, pay attention, and make a change.    

If you suffer from an autoimmune disease and have been treating your symptoms with medications for years now to no avail and want to try something new, do this for yourself.  Challenge yourself to adopt a Paleo lifestyle, particularly the AIP menu for at least 30 days to experience the changes within your own body.  Come join us onGoogle + to share your own experience and get encouragement from others along the same journey.

We are now proud to offer an Autoimmune Friendly menu as well as an AIP sample pack and an AIP meal plan.