I tested Urban Poser’s coconut macaroons and I am seriously IN LOVE with them. Get the recipe HERE. She uses freeze dried strawberries to give the macaroons a lovely pink color. Genius! They taste decadent, slightly chewy, and not too sweet, which I appreciate. I used maple syrup instead of honey, but that’s the only change I made. Make these for your primal/paleo/real- food eating sweetheart. Or if you don’t have one, make them for yourself, friends, neighbors, the postman, whoever. I wrapped them up in a little bag and tied a pink ribbon around them. Share the gluten-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar free goodness! Check out Urban Poser’s for more great recipes and beautiful pictures. I took the picture of the finished product here, but at least you get the idea. Take a look at the recipe for variations and to see the beautiful pictures of their macaroon’s. There are a lot of other great recipes there too! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

These would go great with our Carob Delight Slim Mint Cookies! Check them out too!