Will crickets feed the world?

Or is it the latest fad? Would you eat insects?

Dave and I saw Exo at the Paleo Fx conference in Austin this past April. There seemed to be a buzz about this new product. Everyone was talking about the “cricket guys.” So, we were excited to receive a box of samples from them last week. 

Exo believes that “Crickets Are The Future of Protein.” It is definitely an interesting idea and I’ll be curious to see if cricket flour takes off. For those who do not wish to eat animals for whatever reason, this could be a new source of protein for you. 
They sent us here at POTG samples of their Cacao Nut bars (thanks!) The bars have good, nutty flavor. I’d like them to be a little less sweet, but that is personal preference. I did notice a faint chalky flavor. It wasn’t unpleasant, but I wonder if it was due to the cricket flour. I ate one after a workout and it really hit the spot since it had protein and carbs. 
What I learned about this totally primal protein source:
  • Crickets are a complete protein, meaning they contain all of the essential amino acids, just like animal products. Plants do not contain all of the essential amino acids.
  • Insects require minimal feed, water, and space. Exo estimated that crickets are 20X more efficient to raise for protein than cattle.
  • Crickets are high in iron, calcium, and B-vitamins
  • Exo crickets are fed a certified organic grain mix (seems like a good use for grains!)
exo cricket cocao nut bar