A New Way to Heat Our Food

If you’re a Paleo On The Go customer, chances are you appreciate the convenience of being able to eat real, paleo food without spending hours in the kitchen.  While heating food in the oven, stove or microwave is already MUCH easier than cooking a full meal from scratch (our chef does it for you), we found a way to make your life even easier.

Introducing the My Hot Logic Mini

We’re proud to announce a partnership with My Hot Logic, a company that specializes in patented food reheating systems. We now sell the My Hot Logic Mini — it’s the perfect accompaniment to our chef-made, frozen food. 

heatJust take our food out of the freezer, place it in your My Hot Logic Mini, and follow the instructions on the package to have a piping hot, perfectly heated paleo meal. If you don’t like to heat food in a microwave, the My Hot Logic Mini is for you!