Paleo AIP Friendly Smoothies Make Breakfast On the Go a Breeze

Breakfast can cause stress far before it’s time to eat. Just trying to figure out what to eat the next day can be a pain, especially when you want to make sure whatever you choose is clean and/or paleo. That’s why we love a good Paleo AIP friendly smoothie.

Breakfast smoothies are the perfect antidote to breakfast stress. Just pop some nutrient dense ingredients into a blender and enjoy on your way to work or as you check emails. Specialty smoothies can be made for even the most restrictive diets, such as the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol). 

Paleo AIP Friendly Smoothie

Our friend Squirrel in The Kitchen has an awesome breakfast smoothie recipe on her blog. Check out her AIP / Paleo Immune Boosting Detox Smoothie. Or if you’re more of a visual learner, check out the video below: