Looking for a fun breakfast that’s a little less traditional? Take a culinary trip to Austin, Texas with these breakfast tacos. ¡Buen provecho!

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Breakfast Tacos
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  1. 4 Eggs, whisked
  2. 4 pieces Bacon or sausage
  3. 1 Sweet potato, peeled and cubed small
  4. ½ cup minced Onions
  5. 4 Paleo Tortilla shells (available from POTG website)
  1. Saute bacon or sausage until fully cooked. Chop and set aside. In bacon fat, saute onions, add eggs and scramble until done. Warm tortillas in hot pan or microwave until soft and pliable. Separately in sauce pot cook potato until tender and stir into egg mixture. Add chopped bacon or sausage to egg mixture and spoon ¼ of mixture into each of the tortilla shells. Serve hot sauce with tacos if desired.
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