The Paleo Diet: Why Not to Avoid Cholesterol

Cholesterol has been the enemy of most Americans, thanks to the nutritional guidelines set forth by the government. Ironically, the USDA has shifted their view on the dangers, sort of. The panel of “experts” do not demonize cholesterol consumption in healthy people, but they will most likely keep the warnings for individuals with health problems.

In this video, Takara discusses the importance of cholesterol consumption in regards to the paleo lifestyle. The paleo diet is a high fat, high protein diet that promotes high cholesterol foods such as eggs and lard. 
Check out the video below to see what is most likely the cause and why it might be okay for most people to eat eggs again. 

Takara Fuller

Takara Fuller got her start in broadcasting and production at the University of Florida. Right out of college, she began her career as a producer for ABC News in Sarasota, FL. Shortly after, she also became a reporter for the station covering evening news segments. Her fun and lighthearted personality led her to change the pace from news to entertainment in 2008. She accepted a role as a producer for her favorite NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Ultimately this led to her contributing as a spokesperson for the team. After four seasons, Takara moved on to challenge herself with a corporate role as the multimedia producer for Grow Financial.

Currently, Takara owns her own production company. TK Media Productions specializes in video promotions, photography, animation and digital advertising. She’s excited her business allows her to work with amazing companies and talented people in all roles. Takara truly believes in making visions come to reality and prides herself and her work on fulfilling the goals of others.