Ex-Vegan Paleo Diet Weight Loss

The Paleo Diet is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood these days. Several actors have turned their back on the vegan lifestyle and are proudly eating meat again thanks to the Paleo Diet.

In this Bob Harper recap, we discuss some of the newest people who transitioned from vegan to paleo, and how they feel now that they made the switch.

Paleo vs Vegan in Hollywood

Here is a list of some celebrities and athletes who have successfully followed the paleo diet:

Learn more about why these A-list celebrities are jumping on the paleo bandwagon, and the kind of results they seem to be getting. 

If you are looking for more information about Paleo vs. Vegan, I found a great article on Experience Life that examines Paleo vs. Vegan in detail; “Eating is an intensely personal act, and one’s food choices might be based on anything from cultural and religious traditions to social norms, ethical and environmental concerns, nutritional principles, and aesthetic preferences.

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