This past weekend, Paleo On The Go attended the Paleo Fx conference in the Lone Star State’s capital. Paleo Fx is an organization dedicated to promoting the functional paleo approach to health. Their conference brings together like-minded, top physicians, health practitioners, bloggers, coaches, gym owners, researchers, community and sustainability activists, and a large expo of vendors selling paleo products. 

It was amazing and inspirational to be among so many people striving to help not only their communities, but also the larger world community through promoting the real food/paleo/primal/ancestral health model. It was fantastic to meet people with whom we’d be communicating with virtually, in person, finally. The three days of lectures, cooking demos, and networking was exhausting and yet revitalizing at the same time. Physically it exhausted me, but I now have a renewed dedication to my work helping people feel better through a paleo/ancestral approach to life. Can’t wait to see how this community grows even more by this time next year!

Paleo f(x) Rockstars

paleo f(x)
Our CEO, Dave with Robb Wolf
Austin-based Live Kombucha
Panel discussion on women’s health
Tasty, local, all Paleo restaurant in Austin: Picnik
Dave with MS specialist, Dr. Terry Wahls
Some of the Paleo vendors at the expo
Dave with Paleomagazine
Dave with The Paleo Mom