savory apple cabbage porkOur mission is to provide our loyal customers with real food that exceeds expectations and is made with the highest quality, nutrient dense ingredients including 100% organic and pastured meats…no compromise, no expenses spared, and absolutely no cutting corners. We are determined to change the way people think about food.

Dave Rohde Paleo on the Go

Dave Rohde, Founder of Paleo on the Go.

“Extensively trained,  skilled chefs transforming comfort foods into hand crafted, inspired paleo masterpieces…I think that’s pretty cool” Dave Rohde – CEO Paleo On The Go, LLC

The reality is that this means higher costs for us; and subsequently; pre-made, chef developed and prepared meals made from scratch do cost more. Since we empathize   with our customers and their health journeys, all the way up to CEO-Dave Rohde, we naturally take personal care in everything we do. The awesome result is convenient, fresh-frozen meals sourced from our farm partners, which our team has personally visited, shipped straight to our customers’ door steps.  If your goal is to eat real food, you don’t have to worry about anything, including an amazing taste and culinary treat. Whether you need help with cooking once a week or 3 times a day, we’ve got you covered. Our wide variety of Paleo and Autoimmune Friendly options ensure that your dining experience never gets stale.


Paleo On The Go Baking – A Labor of Love

How many people can say they have stood over a stove, rendering pork fat for 4 hours before their baking team can even start hand molding Paleo Tarts made with that rendered fat, along with simple organic fruit filling with no preservatives or anything unnatural? Chef Ann and most of the rest of the culinary team can. Kirsten and others sing and laugh as they handcraft small batches of grain free chicken and beef pot pies made with pastured, organic meats. With a focused but friendly face, Shay prepares, rolls, and hand presses autoimmune friendly tortillas enough hours everyday to do it in her sleep. After working with us as an awesome guest chef and enjoying his south Florida off season, award winning Chef David Lani of Naples, Fl commented “your baking process is truly amazing. The care and steps you guys take to produce these unique and delicious products took me by surprise.” After so many years of culinary experience, this was an amazing and unsolicited statement from a rockstar chef.

This is cool! We render our own animal fats

Yes, we render our own Pure Paleo cooking fats. We understand the health implications of using factory processed heat treated oils, and the subsequent inflammatory response in the body. We know how important healthy fats are for making healthy hormones, fighting inflammation in the body, protecting our heart, protecting our organs, our brain health, and even our skin health. We want our customers to feel good from the inside out, and know that all our ingredients will help with healing.

More On Pasture raised meats from local farms, we have visited!

We make sure the meat we prepare in our kitchen is sustainably raised. This means the animal is consuming it’s natural diet, rather than being fed a GMO soy and corn based diet. These animals are able to roam freely and socialize normally, vs being caged. What this means is happier and healthier animals, better health for you, and for the environment!

Organic Produce

We want to offer our customers the best pricing but we refuse to skip out on quality. We buy organic vegetables whenever available. This ensures our customer is getting clean produce, and will not have to worry about pesticides contaminating their food.

48 hour bone broth

Widely available bone broth can be cheap. But what you get is low quality ingredients that are extremely low in healthy fats, minerals, and healing gelatin. We cook with our own homemade bone broth, which is cooked for 48 hours with grass fed and pasture raised animal bones and 100% organic vegetables . The longer broth is cooked, the more nutrients the broth will contain. This is real slow cooked traditional small-batch broth. Many Traditional cultures regularly consumed bone broth, which contains large amounts of gelatin and bioavailable vitamins and minerals. Our ancestors consumed broths with most of their meals. This is the best way to ensure quality protein, gelatin, and minerals in the diet.

Dedicated Gluten free kitchen

Those of us who have celiac know that it takes just a tiny speck of gluten exposure to trigger an allergic reaction. Some of us without celiac are still highly sensitive to gluten and small amounts will also trigger a reaction. Many companies claim to offer gluten free meal options, yet they still cook in a kitchen that has gluten in it for many of their other products. Need not worry. There is nothing with gluten, other grains, dairy, or soy even allowed in our cooking facilities or office…equals zero risk and peace of mind.

Wrap Up

Let’s be real here. Trying to source all your meat and produce from local and sustainable farms, render your own healthy fats, make your own bone broths, and generally make sure all your food is 100% real and unprocessed is certainly a great goal, but not always possible in the real world.

We’re here to do all that for you. Whether it’s two nights a week or for every meal while you’re working on that proposal at work, let us do all the work to make sure your meals are 100% real food and paleo made with the highest quality ingredients possible. That way, you’ll have more time for that little thing called life.