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Order This Breakfast Treat To Go!

Introducing Paleo on the Go’s Paleo-Tart. It’s like the frozen toaster pastries you might find in your local grocery freezer section or on the store shelves but better! There are no additives, preservatives or any of the “icky” stuff. The bonus is that it’s Autoimmune Protocol approved! Head over to our website, check out the ingredient list, then add them to your cart!

2016-07-28How Do You Want Your Paleo-Tart? 

Eat them with no fixings!
Plain Paleo Tart

The classic, plain Paleo-Tart!

Add some icing!

The Iced Paleo-Tart!

Squeeze jam and icing on top!

The Jamming Iced Paleo-Tart!

Be sure to add these to your cart today! They will sell out quickly.