One of the main things people miss when they cut out grains from their diet is tortillas- they’re the foundation of Mexican food and who doesn’t love a good taco? We in the paleo world sometimes resort to things like lettuce wraps to replace the tortillas. It’s healthy, but sometime’s it just doesn’t cut it when you want that authentic taco truck experience.

That’s why we developed this recipe based on traditional Mexican corn tortillas (lard and all). Fill it with all your favorite roasted meats, salsas, and veggies. Buen provecho! Click here if you’d like to purchase the secret ingredient to our tacos!

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Paleo Tortillas
A simple recipe for paleo tortillas, using gluten free Cassava flour, pork fat, salt and water. It doesn't get any easier than this.
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  1. 4 ½ cups ottos cassava flour
  2. 1 cup pork fat
  3. 3 tsp. salt
  4. 3 cups water
  1. Process until dough forms, adding water gradually. When dough is smooth and pliable it is ready.
  2. Break down dough into golfball sized pieces. Press between a parchment lined tortilla press. Fry on oiled griddle in olive oil. Cover with plastic and refrigerate or freeze.
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