Three Different ways of Packaging

We are always looking at upgrading our packaging to serve you better. Now our meals come packaged three different ways. Vacuum sealed, in trays or sealed containers. The trays are oven and microwave safe as are the containers that our soups come in.

Paleo meals offered by Paleo on the Go encompass what you love most about instant meals along with the nutrition that can only be found in food items that are not processed with chemicals, preservatives, and additives. Paleo on the Go provides meals that are cooked with the finest ingredients which are then conveniently frozen and packaged in a manner that allows you to take them with you to work or heat them quickly in the evening after a long day when you don’t feel like cooking. We’re passionate about our products because we live the paleo lifestyle too and we created Paleo on the Go meals to be just as convenient for you as they are for us! We’re happy to share! packaging