Paleo on the Go is a meal delivery service specializing in chef made meals catering to those following a Paleo/AIP diet.

We’re more than just a company that makes food. We help people heal and thrive when their lifestyle doesn’t allow for them to cook everyday. Our founder’s own health issues were the catalyst for this company. We’re the real deal.

We are farm to doorstep. We blend the Farm-to-Table movement with the convenience movement (think Amazon for real food). This is a service that is revolutionizing the real-food and paleo movement. We take care of the whole process (except the eating, of course.)

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Paleo on the Go seeks to support all of the foundations of health: nutrition, sleep, good digestion, exercise, and community in order to help people enjoy a healthier and more productive life.
Paleo on the Go endeavors to create an environment that inspires our team to live healthier lives so that the decisions we make, the food we produce and information we share as a company is guided by authenticity and empathy.


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Gluten & Grain Free

Many companies claim to offer gluten free meal options, yet they still cook in a kitchen that has gluten in it for many of their other products. We worked hard to make our kitchen a certified 100% gluten free kitchen. 

GMO Free

GMO’s are Genetically Modified Organisms. While scientists, consumer and environmentalist groups can’t agree on their safety to the human body and environment, we’d prefer to stick with the old-fashioned way plants grow. Paleo on the Go is proud to source GMO-free foods to use in our meals.

Nut Free

Don’t worry. Our entire AIP menu is nut-free. Our paleo menu does contain some nuts, however.

Dairy Free

Paleo on the Go is dairy free, in line with a strict paleo philosophy (aside from some grass-fed ghee.) People who are lactose intolerant generally can consume ghee. 

Grass-fed Meats

We make sure the meat we prepare in our kitchen is sustainably raised. This means the animal eats it’s natural diet, rather than a GMO soy and corn based diet and they are able to roam freely and socialize normally, vs being caged.

Paleo Diet

We care about the quality of the food we are offering. Paleo on the Go is proud to carry the Certified Paleo Seal.

Autoimmune Protocol

We call it AIP for short. The autoimmune protocol encourages you to eat more nutrient dense, real foods that better support healing your body. Get the nutrients you need to heal without the more inflammatory foods.

Soy Free

Soy products are used in a lot of manufactured foods. These derivatives of Soy often cause allergic reactions in people. People with digestive problems steer clear of Soy and its by-products.

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