Baking powder is a must for anyone that bakes. It’s used as a way to leaven baked goods by releasing CO2 bubbles, thereby decreasing the density. Baking powder is used in the place of yeast, because certain products would be ruined by the yeasty flavor.

baking powder

The healthy version of baking powder are the “aluminum free” versions, right? Nope.

Nearly all brands labeled “aluminum free” contain GM corn starch. That is certainly something we all want to avoid for multiple reasons. What’s the solution?

Make your own! It only takes a few minutes.

The best part about making your own powder is that you know it’s fresh and still active. Try out this homemade baking powder recipe the next time you bake. It is always comforting to make something yourself, knowing the products you have used in the recipe are clean and good for you.

Paleo Baking Powder
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  1. 1 cup cream of tartar
  2. ½ cup baking soda (without cornstarch)
  1. Mix together until well combined. Keep in container in the pantry. Use the same way you use regular baking powder.
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