When sourcing food for your family, choosing the right chicken can be a huge challenge! There is so much information out there, and It can be a daunting task weeding through it all and getting to what’s really important. Paleo On The Go always strives to find the best possible sourcing for all of our cooking. With words like cage-free, natural, antibiotic free, free range, etc., it can make your head spin. What’s really what?

Meeting with local farmers recently has taught us so much. We were shown what makes a healthy, tasty bird, with the proper color of meat and fat. We were also shown what a healthy size is, and many other things about raising healthy chickens. Raising healthy birds on a large enough pasture with sustainable methods and humane treatment is key. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect when getting back to eating the type of chicken that your grandma or great grandma cooked for you many years ago.

The Rundown of Healthy, Pasture Raised Chicken

Truly free range birds tend to have an average weight between 3 to 5 pounds when harvested, because they are free roaming in the pastures, not restrained in a cage or small confined area. They are leaner and ‘fit’, resulting in a great tasting meat that is full of flavor! The difference in texture is noticeable. It is soft to the touch, yet not mealy. When you cut it you see actual layers of meat, you see the natural juices running out. The meat is a beautiful pink and the fat is a soft yellow. These are characteristics of pasture grass fed poultry. I’m sure you’re asking “So what’s the flavor like?”. The flavor of the meat is based on what the chickens eat. The natural grasses, bugs, grit, dirt and supplemental high quality organic, non-soy, non gmo, feed, allows for their bodies to ingest all food that naturally good for them. The chickens that Paleo On The Go cooks with are given kelp in their water daily and essential oils to support their natural immune systems. The kelp is also added to their feed. All of this equals a superb taste. All of Earth’s creatures need and deserve plenty of fresh air, exercise, and real food. Caged or small confined animals are inhumane and terrible for a chicken’s health; =unhealthy for you.

Chef, Will I Need To Do Trial and Error Forever To Cook This Chicken Perfectly?

The chicken described above is cooked differently. It is different by nature….makes sense. Grass fed meats are leaner, they have less fat, and they will cook faster, sometimes much faster than non grass fed meats. Overcooking chicken will dry them out, make them tough and make the skin tough to chew. It will also take the flavor away from the meat, making it stringy. It is best to add grass fed ghee, coconut oil or rendered animal fat while cooking so that they don’t dry out while cooking. 

Is It Really Worth It For Me to Invest Extra Money on This Quality Of Chicken?

Circle C farm Florida chicken coopPastured, grass fed meats are healthier for you than grain fed meats.

Here are just a few benefits:
√ Significantly higher content of Omega-3s which play a vital role in every cell and system in your body
√ Higher content of CLA has been shown to have anti-cancer and weight loss benefits
√ Higher content of Vitamin E (most Americans are deficient in Vitamin E) which is linked to a lower risk of heart disease and cancer. This potent antioxidant may also have anti-aging properties

Given the nature of the farming practices and the increased daily needs of the chickens, there is more labor involved. Since antibiotics are NEVER used to sustain the chickens until harvest, there is a bit higher mortality rate. All of this is necessary fact when raising healthy, happy wonderful tasting meats. It’s your choice guys. Seems like an easy choice for me.

Sustainability Is So Important And I Want To Make Sure I Am Supporting It The Best I Can…Vote With My Dollars, So-To-Speak.

The farms we source from do practice sustainable farming practices. They follow a very high standard referred to as BMPs (Best Management Practices). They are zero waste facility and with USDA Permits, the chicken is harvested on the actual farm. Paleo On The Go is Thrilled to now be associated with and sourcing poultry (and more to come) from Circle C Farms.

“Our chickens arrive to us as 1 day old chicks from the hatchery and live their entire life on our farm in the open air, when we harvest our chickens, they are gathered on the morning of their harvest, placed in an open air trailer, where they travel to our harvesting area and sit happily until it is their time. ALL of our animals are tended to in a humane way on a daily basis, it is why we love what we do, since we can control all aspects of our chickens lives. We can ensure that they are gently taken care of from beginning to end. Our products don’t compare to anything else out there! Most every bit of poultry on the market is not truly free range on pasture grasses. They don’t see outside. Even certified “organic” chicken that is raised in a chicken house cooped or not, is not the same….Don’t be fooled people! We do not soak our birds in salt water as part of our harvesting or pump them full of additives to “flavor” them, our chicken is naturally flavorful!”

Circle C farm Florida Nicole Kozak
Nicole Kozak – CEO/Real Farmer
Circle C Farms

Most of Paleo On The Go’s clients are sophisticated, health conscious and informed about not only the quality but the benefits that come from eating pasture grass fed meats that are raised humanely the way nature intended them to be. Once you taste the difference, then you will have trouble going back to your previous chicken. It will be an adjustment but once you have had the best, eating the rest is BLAH! I know from experience that health problems can cost a whole lot of money.

“I have made eating real food my top priority. I don’t have another choice”
Dave Rohde -Founder/CEO
Paleo On The Go, LLC

Seems Like A Chicken Spa Day Every Day 😉

Circle C Farms birds live a stress free life, they are not under pressure, they are out sunbathing or napping when they want, coming and going freely from their mobile coops in the fresh air. Since they are stress free, the meat quality is higher because the adrenalin is not running through them, especially at time of harvest, so the meat flavor is not tainted as with commercial growers and facilities.

Our Chickens Are:
√ Hand raised on green pastures with as much sunshine as they want to enjoy.
√ Happy and healthy and spend their days in the grass coming and going from their mobile coops.
√ Fed Non-GMO, Soy Free, Non-GMO Corn Free feed free choice throughout the day.
√ Given essential oils to keep them healthy naturally, from the inside out.
√ Humanely Treated throughout their entire life
√ Fed Kelp in their feed and water, to support their immune systems.


Circle C farm Florida chicken coop

This is what a mobile chicken coup looks like. Usually they’re out in the field, but on this day it was rainy.

We at Paleo On The Go are bubbling with excitement about this partnership. Come see the difference in our online store. Search for our chicken dishes, order a meal plan with great variety, or pick and choose from our a la carte menu. All of our meat is of the highest integrity so you don’t have to go chicken crazy!


Dave Rohde – CEO and Founder of Paleo On The Go
“I’m not only the founder, I’m also a client”