It happens to all of us. We are oh-so diligent with the foods we eat round the clock, but then we go out to dinner or over to a friends house and decide to indulge and just see how our body handles it. Or maybe we eat something and don’t realize it has x, y or z in it that we’ve been avoiding. With the holidays fast-approaching, it’s an easy scenario to fall into. We can all use tools to recover from holiday indulgences.

Five Tools to Recover from Holiday Indulgences

The Effects of Non-Paleo Indulging During the Holidays

Then you discover, no, you can’t indulge. Your body can’t handle it. The joint pain, the gas and the bloating all come back in a New York minute. (Or what feels worse, when your child eats something they really shouldn’t have and now have a hefty tummy ache or meltdown because of it.)

Did you just undo all the hard work you’ve done? Are you back at square one? Now what? You’ve worked so hard…you really don’t want to be back at square one.

Relax…you’re not at square one. You’re not even at square two.

Look, we’re all human. Maintaining this idea that we can be perfectly paleo (what is that, anyway?) 100% of the time is a myth. Yes, there are times when we really need to be more vigilant and we do our best to stay the course. But, crap happens. If you panic about it, it just makes it worse.

So, instead here are my tips for getting back on course, when things get a little derailed.

Tips for Getting Back on the Paleo/AIP Track

  • Take some deep breaths.

Take a few minutes to do a few deep belly breaths or try using the Pilates breath to reset your nervous system. When we realize we’ve screwed up, particularly when we are in the middle of a healing protocol, we often panic. In these moments, we want to ease any inflammation that your body might be battling and the first step is to just take a few deep breaths. Take yourself out of sympathetic mode and put yourself into parasympathetic mode. The body is much, much better at repairing itself when it’s in parasympathetic mode.

  • Drink Bone Broth

Bone broth is liquid gold when it comes to repairing the digestive system, not to mention just soothing to the soul. I like to compare bone broth to spackling a wall to fill in the holes of your intestines. Start your morning off with a warm cup of broth to settle your gut and give yourself an infusion of nutrients to heal.

  • Take fish oil.

Omega-3’s are anti-inflammatory in nature and help you rebalance your system and soothe any inflammation you may have. Most of us have some form of fish oil in the fridge and this is an easy solution to grab. If you are finding yourself in physical pain, you can take up to 1 dose per hour to help alleviate the pain and get you back on your feet.

  • Take activated charcoal.

This is a must-have in my real food medicine cabinet these days. The activated charcoal helps to bind up toxins in your digestive tract and pulls it out so that it doesn’t impact you as much. Eat something a little off? Follow it with 4-8 capsules of activated charcoal to mitigate the possible effects it will have on you. (This is a great tool for food poisoning too.)

5 Tools to Recover from Holiday Indulgences

  • Take probiotics.

Probiotics are the single most effective tool in rebuilding a leaky gut. They provide a protective role by taking up space and preventing pathogenic bacteria from proliferating. They help keep tight gap junctions tight, support motility and provide us with synthesized vitamins such as biotin, folate and vitamin K.

When you know you’ve been exposed to a food that causes inflammation for you, be sure you add in a high-quality probiotic in your daily routine.

As we head into the holidays, I hope this tool kit gives you some piece of mind, just in case you eat something leaving you feeling less than stellar. To help avoid rushed evenings or the chance take-out with not so great ingredients, order some Paleo home delivery from Paleo on the Go (Grandma’s Chicken Soup is fantastic!)!